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6/16/2012 c44 37Piccolo Sky
Finally got around to finishing another chapter. A bit surprised to see Sephiroth didn't make a return appearance, but somehow I think he'll still be able to return. In fact, that's probably the guy talking to Ezan right now.
6/10/2012 c43 Piccolo Sky
Well, seems Genesis did get a bit of rambling in, but not too much, which is nice.

Might I make a small suggestion? I would have titles that indicate less of what's happening in the chapters. By simply scrolling through the available chapters, a reader already knows what's coming. It kind of damages the suspense...

Although these latest chapters are holding my interest, it's pretty obvious Sephiroth is going to come back.
6/3/2012 c42 Piccolo Sky
Finished the chapter. Thank you so much for not making Genesis a rambling idiot...well, at least not rambling any more than the standard story villain does. If started spouting more poetry, however, I would have had to puke.
5/27/2012 c41 Piccolo Sky
Ugh...I hope that blithering fop doesn't end up being stronger than Sephiroth. Maybe he'd actually be able to win if he could stop rambling for five minutes. I have an incredibly low opinion of Genesis and think he's severely overrated, as I explained why on the RP earlier.

Considering what I did with Denzel in my own story, you can guess my feelings on the matter. Eh...they should let him rot in a prison labor camp.

Tarkin doesn't really have much reason to boast about his army since they get cut apart left and right... That's kind of like Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles boasting that he can make Foot Soldiers AKA sword fodder.
5/26/2012 c40 Piccolo Sky
Finished another chapter. Just letting you know I'm reading.
5/19/2012 c39 Piccolo Sky
Just letting you know I'm still reading, and that I finished this chapter.
5/11/2012 c38 Piccolo Sky
Hmm...even when getting creamed, the big dumb dog doesn't seem to know when he's been swatted with a newspaper. Assuming you're going the full "DBZ" route with him, "one-hundred percent" wouldn't have helped him. He would have been slower than ever and he already had a speed disadvantage, and he would have only been tearing up his own body with every move. And of course, he's still boasting, which is just more stupidity on his part.

To answer Lacus' question...maybe when he stops being an arrogant braggart to everyone else who's not him, people will start going "easier" on him. Until that point, he'll have no shortage of people willing to dance on his grave the day he dies.
5/9/2012 c37 Piccolo Sky
Finally got another chapter read. Not much to say here...another couple of fights, more guys on the docket to kill. :P
4/22/2012 c36 Piccolo Sky
Mmm...I dunno. The last few chapters seemed to be on an upswing in which you were incrementally improving...but this one I think may have taken a few steps back, namely in that the fights seem fairly familiar...all things we've seen before. Basically, lots of gloating, people getting hit by major attacks, everyone thinking it's done, and the guy coming out with a few scratches. Predictable. I guess I'm kind of eager to get off of the "Kingdom Hearts" kick and back to the more "original" parts of the story that didn't involve characters from other games. I thought those were better.
4/15/2012 c35 Piccolo Sky
Sorry I never got around to reading a chapter yesterday, but I didn't want to fall behind another week so I managed to at least get this one in. Not too much to say this time around. More fighting mostly. Anyway, see you next chapter.
4/7/2012 c34 Piccolo Sky
It seems these are weaker forms of X, because they obviously don't copy intelligence and memories as well. If they did, this pirate group could have known everything the real deal knew, which would probably be more useful than copies.

I was kind of holding out for a "Renzouko Energy Dan" type move when I noticed the energy bullets deflected... This was something a bit less, but still the same thing essentially.

At least the one bad guy knew the cardinal rule of deaths in stories...unless there's a body, they ain't dead.

While I'm familiar with the original Metroid storyline, I know next to nothing about the "Prime" storyline. I tried playing a demo of it irritated and bored and abandoned it. Metroid was never meant to be a FPS, IMHO. Another example of modern game designers thinking a game is nothing if it doesn't take place in a 3D environment. Pft. At any rate, what that essentially means is I have no idea what Metroid Prime looks like, although I'm familiar with the traditional Metroid life cycle forms (Alpha, Gamma, Zeta, Omega, and Queen). Man...the Queen was tough. Basically there's no way to win that fight unless you manage to time your shots perfectly and have a buttload of missiles. Anywway, enough of that.

Read more soon.
4/6/2012 c33 Piccolo Sky
I always thought that the Metroid Prime series was something of a "reboot"...but ah well.

The steak thing made me shake my head a little bit. In the words of Ron Weasley, "How thick can you get?"

This may be my admiration for the Metroid series talking, but if I was the bad guys, I wouldn't laugh off X parasites so much. They're essentially like "The Thing", and once they're in you, since they're an infection, you're essentially dead. Added to the fact that they can produce infinite copies of you and absorb your knowledge as well as your powers, and they're pretty damn dangerous. I got the impression from the game that the only reason Samus was able to kill them was because she had become the "living vaccine" of the X parasites. Now, she's essentially the disease to them.

Anyway...good to see you're still improving. Does Ridley really talk like that in the game?
3/24/2012 c32 Piccolo Sky
...Bulk and Skull? That brings back memories... Sheesh, I think I actually heard their "theme song" running through my head.

A touch of action, but mostly a flashback chapter. Nevertheless...I can't seem to feel but a little unsettled. Ben got his confidence back by beating up a few weaklings who had a proverbial "snowball's chance in hell" against him? That's a, kind of like a troubled kid who beats up younger kids because he can't fight back against an older bully who beats up on him. I mean, sure...he did a "good deed" in the process...but still. Looks like he's got a ways to go from an emotionally mature standpoint and not just a physical/magical one, same as everyone else.
3/23/2012 c31 Piccolo Sky, I'd say Ben simply lost the battle and won nothing. You pretty much made Brad right...everything Ben stands for is irrelevant without any power to back it up. And Brad's right, Ben certainly didn't win that fight by any stretch if the imagination. (Besides, didn't Brad blow up the droid in the last chapter?) This is basically the same as saying Son Goku lost the first two Tenkaichi Budokais. He did, but only because of technicalities. He would have won the first if he had been taller than Kamesennin, and he would have one the second if not for a passing truck.

He's your character, but I still think you went a bit OOC at the end. Seeing as Brad is so cocky, I don't think he would have backed down from Myers at the end. I think he would have challenged him next. And he probably would have won, too. I would say there's ways around it...but this story is pretty much a cut and dry raw power thing with no "special attacks", regardless of whether its physical based or magic based. You also didn't explain enough. Apparently, he also has magical powers too.
3/9/2012 c30 Piccolo Sky
Ah...I see now what you meant by the later chapters being out of sequence. For a moment, I was thinking, "...Did I miss something somewhere?"

I'm definitely seeing an improvement in writing style from the first chapters.
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