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for Tales of The Cosmic War Vol 1: A Hero's Evolution

6/6 c48 68Sovereign64
Great chapter. Although not physically, the spirit of Sephiroth has finally return, and he manages to possess the body of Ezan Kaiba, making me worried that the Enji Knight's days may be numbered. Xehamaru really shows how evil and powerful he truly is, showing why he is one of the main antagonists of your story. But it is a good thing that Aeris and her friends still managed to stop him...for now.
6/3 c47 Sovereign64
Nice to see Weiss being defeated by Vincent, Shelke, Zidane, Squall and Senel. And well, I guess I was wrong after all as Cloud, Ben, Lloyd and Kratos manage to stop the ritual in reviving Sephiroth. I'm glad they manage to rescue Aeris too, and Denzel finally realizes he was wrong in following Sithantos. And let me guess...the calm female voice must be Ifalna, right? And oh boy, I can only sense Ezan's situation will only get worse...

Great chapter!
6/2 c46 Sovereign64
The fight between the heroes and Duskmon was intense, and now that Duskmon has digivolved to Velgemon, let's hope Ezan can take him out. I also hope Ben and Cloud can stop Genesis and Xehamaru in time in reviving Sephiroth, although I can tell that they will so we can have the epic rematch between Cloud and Sephiroth. And teach Weiss a lesson too, Vincent.
6/2 c45 Sovereign64
Nice to see Avalanche and the Symphonia team working together to take out the Zeon army, and nice seeing Thundercracker and Blitzwing in this chapter too. :D

Great chapter overall. The fights are epic as always.
5/19 c44 Sovereign64
Nice to see Aeris here in the story and helping our heroes out! And man, that is not the Denzel I know. He's certainly unfriendly towards everyone including Ben, Cloud and Tifa. And that was an awesome fight between Zack and Ben. Both men fought pretty hard but I'm glad Ben is able to pass the test. But now, Genesis has shown up and judging by his character, things are going to get more chaotic for our heroes.

Great chapter!
5/15 c43 Sovereign64
That was a good fight between the heroes and Fuhito. And man, I did NOT expect Denzel to be a member of Sithantos. How could this happen?

Great chapter!
5/8 c42 Sovereign64
Great chapter. :) I definitely feel sympathy for Cloud as he still suffers from the pain and guilt over the death of Aeris. And nice to see Starscream and Megatron in this chapter as I am a fan of Transformers myself. And honestly, it's a good thing Megatron kills off Starscream because we all know Starscream has always been a liar and a coward who would cower in fear and beg for mercy every time he is in the presence of Megatron, but in actuality, hoping to live another day to overthrow Megatron another day.

Also, nice fight between Team Avalanche and Megatron, as well as Cloud finishing the Decepticon leader off with Cross Slash. I wonder if we will see Cloud's finishing move in Advent Children here. And nice to see Reno and Rude being allies to the heroes.
5/2 c41 Sovereign64
Holy cow. The villains now have Jenova and Sephiroth on their side. Sephiroth is one tough opponent, so the heroes better watch out for him. But anyways, I'm glad Brad has finally been taught a lesson by Ezan. But man, he's still stubborn as ever even after defeat.

Great chapter!
5/1 c40 Sovereign64
Great chapter. I love their reactions when they realize Samus is a woman. I got that same reaction too many years ago when I was a kid. XD

Anyways, that was a great fight between Janus and Ravxen, and the heroes and Metroid Prime. Ravxen was really powerful, but thankfully Janus managed to defeat him. But that will not be the last time we see him, and he now possesses the power of Metroid Prime which will no doubt make him even more dangerous.

Again, great chapter. And sorry it took me so long to finally continue reading your story.
4/20 c39 Sovereign64
I'm glad Ben showed up in time to help Samus and defeat Neo-Ridley, and nice appearance by Sub-Zero to help out Cless, his friends and the Fantastic Four in taking out Lexaeus. Well, Weavel got what he deserved. But now it's time for Ben, Geno-Wyrmmon and Samus to take on Metroid Prime.

Great chapter!
4/16 c38 Sovereign64
That's a lot of intense fights in this chapter. I'm glad Ben managed to defeat Axel, and nice to see Wyrmmon entered the next stage of his Digivolution and defeat the Krad clone as well. But now, it's time for Samus to face her archenemy, Neo-Ridley...

Great chapter!
4/16 c37 Sovereign64
Nice to know Ben and Samus survive, and I hope they can get along better as the story progresses, especially after Ben managed to prove himself to her. And nice that Ben defeated Asch too.

Great chapter!
4/16 c36 Sovereign64
Great chapter. It's nice to see the two Cids from FFV and FFVII interacting with each other. And nice to see the Fantastic Four too. Everything is going great until Brad had to show up again, which at this point, I have zero sympathy for. Especially after he zaps Ben and Hiryuumon to the Metroid universe. They have met up with Samus Aran, but the three of them are in trouble after Ridley seemingly sends them to their doom.

I hope they survive. Oh who am I kidding? Of course they will. XD
4/1 c35 Sovereign64
Great chapter. I'm happy to see Sheena and Chloe make an appearance here.

Anyways, while I still despise Brad, at least I now understand some backstory about him through Lacus's explanation. So I guess he reminds me of John Kreese who is pure evil in the Karate Kid films, but you finally get to understand more about him as a complex character in Cobra Kai. Oh, and it seems Brad and Lacus made up quicker than I thought. *Sigh*

Anyways, it seems Ben's reunion with his parents isn't as relaxing as he thought. And I'm glad he taught Shou Tuc-I mean Chuck Tucker a lesson. I wish he had killed him like Scar did in FMA, but I know he wouldn't do that. And I was almost caught off-guard of the appearance of Harry and Ginny, but then I quickly realize 'Oh, it's NOT Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley'. XD

Again, great chapter. Ben gets some nice quality time with his family, friends and relatives, and he even gain some self-confidence again after his fight with Tucker and his thugs.
3/31 c34 Sovereign64
That was an awesome and intense fight! Also, shame on you Brad for ripping off The Thing from The Fantastic Four.

Anyways, kudos to Ben for telling Brad off that his relationship with Lacus was never romantic. And thank you Master Myers and Ezan Kaiba for putting Brad in his place. But it's not surprising that Brad never learnt his lesson after the match is done.

Hopefully Ben recovers soon. Although he lost the fight, he is already a winner for standing up to Brad, his power and his ego.

Great chapter!
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