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for Tales of The Cosmic War Vol 1: A Hero's Evolution

6/6/2007 c11 82Super Saiyan Crash
Hey, this story isn't that bad. Good to see some video characters in there. I did notice some Final Fantasy, Sonic and Kirby characters. Anyway, please update soon.
5/16/2007 c9 7ChanceFan
Very well! your story is very interesting, for the moment. On chapter 10 I though Burninggreymon would appear, or at least that someone of the kids were about to touch the spirit and become gigasmon (because they were about to touch the digi-spirit ┬┐or it wasn't the digi-spirit?)

I can't wait for the next episode.
5/13/2007 c1 a passing reader of leetness
Hey... that Doug guy is pretty damn cool. A crossover of all the series is great. Everything is cool; though the only thing I think you should do is expand on the action scenes. Oh, more Doug because he's leet like that! :)
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