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for Tales of The Cosmic War Vol 1: A Hero's Evolution

3/28 c33 68Sovereign64
I didn't expect Zabi's son to be Marluxia, and man, I rarely get to see a story where the son is more intimidating than the father.

Also, it seems Kira has a violent side of himself too. I hope he doesn't get too explosive anytime soon.

Also, the fight between Ben, James and Doug, and CJ, Tidus and Wakka is pretty intense. As much as I didn't like Tidus, I do feel some sympathy for him on learning how he ended up being one of Brad's 'cronies'. Thankfully, in the end, Ben and his friends managed to defeat CJ, Tidus and Wakka. But now it's Brad's turn to brawl against Ben...and wow...Brad has gone full-blown Broly.

I wonder how Ben will managed going up against a muscle-bound brawler like Brad's true form.
3/20 c32 Sovereign64
With that, the Thunder God Tribe and Saren have been dealt. And thankfully, James is not a traitor after all. But Magneto and Polaris have join the ranks of Master Xehamaru and the Sithantos. Also, nice nod to Bruticus, my favorite Decepticon combiner. :D

Great chapter.
3/19 c31 Sovereign64
I'm very happy to see Mr. Freeze and Clayface in this chapter, my two favorite Batman villains. Also nice to see Scorpion, Rhino and Doc Ock too. And nice to see Gajeel too, and I'm glad he's helping out the heroes here.

With that said, the heroes are now engaged in a fight with Magneto, Saren, Laxus, Bixlow and Saleh. I'm glad they managed to take out Bixlow, and you are able to describe his attacks as accurately as they were in the manga/anime. Magneto, Saren and Laxus however won't be as easy.

Great chapter.
3/19 c63 4Dr.Dude
Allllrighty then. Since I finally made it to the end after several hours of reading, I'll just put up my review of the story as a whole here.

Okay, so the concept is interesting. Having it written out like a massive multiplayer crossover ala Namco x Capcom and Super Robot Wars is no easy feat, believe me, but props for managing to complete it. Not to mention the characters are all well-done, even with how thoroughly despicable Brad is and I sincerely hope he got his deserved comeuppance in the other volumes. Seriously, great work.

However, the fic probably could have done with a beta reader though, I'll admit. Not to mention seeing the story in present tense is kind of jarring when my experience with stories usually has them told in past-tense. Not helped that at times names and other terms are misspelled, grammar tends to need work, and sometimes there aren't spaces between sentences and quotes. That seems to distract from the story more often than not. Honestly, if there was a beta reader checking over the writing, this could be an easy fix.

All the same, a well-done story that needed a bit more grooming in order to really stand out. I enjoyed this.
3/13 c30 68Sovereign64
Well, Doug had it coming from Tifa for insulting her um...assets. XD

So they have arrived at the Marvel universe and they have met up with Magneto, who as expected, is not someone to be taken lightly. He fought the likes of Doctor Doom and Iron Man after all. And it's interesting that he is being portrayed as an anti-hero rather than being pure evil, which is good because he is supposed to be a very complex character after all. Also, I had to be reminded that that is NOT Olaf from Frozen. XD And when you mention the McFarlane universe, I thought it was Todd McFarlane, the creator of Spawn. But it turns out to be Seth MacFarlane. Yeah...not a fan of the guy either. XD

Not only am I surprised to see Saren from Mass Effect, Ahsoka Tano from The Clone Wars and the characters of Tales of Rebirth in this chapter, but also Laxus, Bickslow, Freed and Evergreen from Fairy Tail! :D And I see they will be portrayed as how they were in The Battle of Fairy Tail story arc before they are reformed by the end of it. I expect Natsu and Gajeel to show up in the next chapter to beat the snort out of Laxus.

Anyways, good chapter.
3/6 c29 Sovereign64
Ben has certainly gotten just as strong as Stahn. And thankfully, he, Stahn, Juno and Vela are able to defeat Barbatos. The Dead Cell members prove to be formidable opponents too, but at least the heroes are able to defeat Super Skrull, and the colony is saved.

Great chapter!
3/4 c28 Sovereign64
Great chapter. Nice to see the Master Chief in the story, as well as Super Skrull and Crimson Dynamo. The fight between Kira and Crimson Dynamo was pretty intense, and so was the space battle between the Titans and Zeon Space fleets. And although I never played Tales of Destiny 2, I can tell Barbartos is going to be a really tough opponent for our heroes. Be careful Ben.
2/18 c27 Sovereign64
Brad is once again trying to make Ben's life miserable by reminding him that Lacus will always be his girlfriend. Xehamaru is clearly a worst threat and a bigger psycho than I thought. But thankfully, Ben isn't giving up on his goal in becoming the greatest hero in the universe just yet.

Great chapter!
2/15 c26 Sovereign64
The mission on Hyrule is complete, but Ganondorf and Xehamaru are still at large. Hopefully, our heroes can take them down the next time they meet.

Great chapter!
2/13 c25 Sovereign64
So Havoc has shown his true self, in the form of Xehamaru. If Cloud and Link can't defeat him, our heroes are really in for a tough battle ahead of them.

Great chapter.
2/5 c24 Sovereign64
Havoc is definitely going to be a tough opponent for our heroes, especially since he personally defeated Ganondorf. Also, I hope Luke doesn't give into Nightmare's insults. Great chapter!
2/5 c23 Sovereign64
Ben is able to defeat Leo and prove that he is worthy, but unfortunately, Gandowan has been defeated by Nightmare and the witches. Nightmare really lives up to his name by being a worst threat to the heroes.

Great chapter!
2/5 c22 Sovereign64
I'm glad Lacus is able to defeat Ranamon/Calamarimon. She was a really tough opponent, but at the end of the day, Lacus is able to overcome her opponent and win the day. And Yuna, Terra and Colette did a great job fighting off the Divermons too.

Also, nice MGS reference. Great chapter!
2/5 c21 Sovereign64
And so they have team up with Link. It's nice seeing him and Cloud working and fighting alongside each other. Things were hectic for our heroes at first with Skullsatamon. But thankfully, Team Abyss arrived in time to save them and help defeat the evil digimon. I hope they can rescue the hostages from Komue and Kotake.

Great chapter!
1/26 c20 Sovereign64
And so our heroes head to Hyrule. And oh boy, Ranamon is in this story. I remember how annoying but formidable she was in Digimon Frontier.

Great chapter!
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