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for Homage to DMC

7/22/2008 c6 3GregariousTrinity
yay he got the pummeling he deserved! :D wo! Bravo, bravo! a standing ovation is needed! i will be the standing ovation! -stands up and claps till her hands bleed-

it was weonderful i enjoyed reading this!

i hope u continue ur other fics mardehiel! i'll be waiting ^_^ and get back on DA, i miss you! and i've returned!

6/3/2008 c1 Aeriz.Dream
bwa haha ha this was really funny. And Gerard really is a loon. ^^ this is really good I like it and therefore I shall fave it ^^
4/3/2008 c5 GregariousTrinity
haHA! You updated! Woot! -does happy white girl dance-

Poor Brad the Sailor! He'll never be pretty! :( But at least he's getting saved by three kickass heroines! waiting on the next part! I miss ya, btw!

6/7/2007 c4 GregariousTrinity
cool chapter, but poor nevan.. you like to torture her, don't you? lol

the link to your artwork doesn't show up at all. is it by any chance on deviantart? I'd love to see what your drawings consist of!

oh, yeah, continue!

4/22/2007 c3 GregariousTrinity
you're welcome, dude ^^.

Wow, Gerard is a real egotistical fruit. And he's so mean to Trish and Lucia! I don't like Trish very much, and Lucia I can tolerate, but Gerard was right about her ill- fitting clothing. Hoping to see an update soon :)
4/9/2007 c2 GregariousTrinity
... huh, i thought I had reviewed this... hm, guess not. Anyway, i liked your fic and now I can't remember if i had put this fic in alert and faves. well, i'm going to if I didn't before, as well as add u to my faves cuz ur a pretty badass DMC fanfic writer. Update soon

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