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7/2/2019 c1 Mark
Just a word about the Sailor Moon/Ring crossover you reviewed. No wonder you were confused. What did it have to do with Sailor Moon?
1/22/2016 c3 aline
Parece ser interessante, por favor atualize assim que puder
7/31/2013 c3 1Winterregret
PLEASE UPDATE . its been like 6 years
2/17/2013 c3 11AbsoluteMangaqueen
Oh my goodness, don't die mai! This story is awesome, please update it!
11/6/2012 c3 bonnieandjangolove
Upload I am loving this story a lot.
10/20/2011 c3 Belle Pronounces Bell
please write more!
5/3/2009 c3 2heavenslilagl420
very interesting i wonder what's gonna happen to Mai? Please update soon the suspense is really a killer
4/8/2009 c3 ksbaby07
just read your fic i really enjoyed it hope to see u continue with would love to know what is going to happen
12/31/2008 c3 1hfs9c1
please update soon
11/30/2008 c3 1Julie aka Juuri
onegai update! PLease continue this fanfict it is very interesting!
6/7/2008 c3 4LunaxXmoongoddessXx
it seems like a good story, or i getting good.
5/1/2008 c3 Hesunohana
a good beginning ? why not continue ?
11/13/2007 c3 animeluver123
Oh interesting! =P I hope you continue! It's a good story so far. ^^ Story Alerted!
11/11/2007 c3 destroying tokyo
I'm really interested in seeing where this fic goes. Please update soon. :D
11/10/2007 c3 5Azure Teriques
It sounds really good^^
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