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2/26/2011 c1 smallcatharine
Nice plot, and I love the almost harsh word use
7/8/2010 c1 Scar211
I don't know if I can flame this story because it's honestly not terrible. But I still can't bring myself to actually read it because your writing is very, and I mean, very, plain. You use almost no description whatsoever and the plot so far was very nondescript. Not to mention, your character sounds like one of those fags from that gay-ass choreographed professional wrestling. You want real man, watch UFC.


P.S. WWE is gay...

P.P.S. So that was kind of a flame, but I'm not sorry.

This is what you wrote for my story the emerald knight. I don't care about what you're opinion is as my story is betta than your's.
3/29/2007 c1 5Mask1
Very dark. Well written and dark as llife would be should the Dragon have chosen differently. I think of Moiraine's answers in Ruidean of what could have happened had she not taken Lanfear out of the picture. Very interesting.

I particularly like your last couple of touches, about the Guardians and the saa... excellent touches. The last line is brilliant becasue it brings it all full circle. It wasn't a choice so much as choices plural (As in the title).

No one event could bring Rand here and the list of names seems to echo those choices.

Lews to ignore the women Aes Sedai and strike alone.

Kinslayer - cursed and then to slay his family causing such fear to be associated with Dragon. The whole males are evil becasue Sadin is tainted thing.

Lord of the Morning - choices that led to glory and downfall.

Rand al'Thor - choices made by his parents and foster parents but also by him before he knew he was the dragon, choices that led him to that.

Dragon Reborn - choices like shutting out those who love him, choices like remembering the name of every woman he kills. Choices like capturing Asmo or listening to Lews. Choices like dealing with the Seanchan.

And so on and so on.

The ominous thing is that he is still on that route. Only those last few choices those that could earn him (or condemn him to) the title Nae'blis are missing. I think the defeat of Lanfear will help avert that as you show in your fic... but it is an interesting remindewr of what Rand could still become.


3/29/2007 c1 2Mahine
Very Dark, I liked it!
3/26/2007 c1 Captain in the Galley
Woot! Breakneck fast and mysterious at the same time. It sucks that Min had to die, but other than that it's totally kick-ass.
3/26/2007 c1 awesomeness
really good i enjoyed it

the length was good too

is naeblis the darkone because i forgot

havnt read the serie in a while

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