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for A Ridiculous X-Files Story With Matrix Characters

11/25/2001 c1 21doggettandscully
Your story is excellent! Myself and my sister have the exact same sense of humour as you, visit our website and read our stories and I think you will agree!
9/26/2001 c1 10Zombie
This is one of the funniest stories on this site that I've read! I can't get the image of Mulder on the kiddie slide outta my head now! Keep writing these, they're great!
7/9/2001 c1 the genius creator
hi, I think some people might recognise this story. I had it on fanfiction before, with chapters, but I removed it and uploaded it as one long chapter instead. oh well.

visit me site at


Because, as well as being an x-files fan, I'm a Final Destination freak.
7/8/2001 c1 AgentLily
That Gilbert's got it right! Doggett IS a crappy agent! j/k. Great story.

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