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for Back In Your Arms

12/25/2007 c6 6Jingy5
ouch! i felt that one for her lol Darien shud have known better lol
12/25/2007 c6 small876
ohh...i hope nothing bad happens to serena ,please UPDATE SOON!
12/25/2007 c6 3moonlover46
hey this story is really good. hope to read more soon.
12/25/2007 c6 rosebudjamie
i can't wait to read more, please update soon
12/22/2007 c5 5mermaidharmony
update soon!
12/16/2007 c5 Queenserenity12
nice job on this chapter hope to see more
12/3/2007 c5 small876
UPDate SOON! GREAT STORY! Gotta know what happens next so update soon!
10/21/2007 c5 7Miko Shroaded In Instantiy
. Okay... but too short to really enjoy this chapter. Update soon.
10/21/2007 c4 Miko Shroaded In Instantiy
good, but there were some spelling errors that took away from the battle itself. Might want to go through and make some minor corrections. Other than that, it was good. =)
10/21/2007 c3 Miko Shroaded In Instantiy
short, but there's more. =)
10/21/2007 c2 Miko Shroaded In Instantiy
10/21/2007 c1 Miko Shroaded In Instantiy
exciting so far. reading on...
10/11/2007 c1 Firemaiden100
Am lovin this story, so you only got one thing to do...UPDATE.
10/7/2007 c5 118Anjirika
Eh- it was a good filler chapter.
10/5/2007 c5 6Jingy5
ok this story is short but sweet lol

oo and as for the plan y doesnt she just move in with Darien? i mena hell he would love too.. i'm not sure about Sammy tho but hell y not lol lol Serena would probably kill him within a week tho *sigh*
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