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12/4/2008 c1 14mewantpancake
HOw would Itachi find out? XD if he did then ITAxSAKU! i love both pairings XD

so awesome! xD

ngaww i can totally imagine this!
4/29/2008 c1 24Higura Natume
that might just happen (itasaku...o.O)

i love how carefree sasuke sounded when he put sakura down

but it may have sounded better if it was more serious but still great XD
11/26/2007 c1 1nelly04
stupid sasuke..such an idiot...to leave the only woman who cared about him so deeply...and what does he mean by thank you huh?

couldnt he come up with more things to say..

lol love yur tiny chappie...sucks that they didn't show him catch her in the anime...i actually cried for that episode..

can u feel the love hate?
9/23/2007 c1 19ChristinaAngel
I like this story, I wish it'd really happened! Stupid Sasuke...
7/26/2007 c1 3youhaveiloved
man...Sakura lost her first kiss without knowing it! T-T...don't we all just wish Sasuke really did that? Episode 109 was the episode I cried on! So sad! Sakura practically poured her whole heart out and Sasuke knocked her out...however...how you made your story...made me see a different perspective! :] i am going to read your chapter story next! :D
3/28/2007 c1 13xooreoxo
lol it would of been hilarious

if while sakura was on the bench

itachi came and attacked her...


*light bulb goes off*

i got a new story to write! lol

nice oneshot

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