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4/27 c56 17Rowan Seven
This feedback is, once again, on the late side, but while I have some free time I wanted to write down my thoughts and express my thanks to you for continuing to work on this story. I don't know how far you plan on going with this, but I still remember reading the start of this series back in the late 2000s so every new chapter feels like a blast from the past. Whether you ever finish this story or not, I appreciate these new installments and am glad you're still posting updates.

Moving onto the arc itself, it was a lot of fun. On the Tamaran front, the Amazons kept things from becoming predictable, and what the deviations from canon portend is interesting to contemplate. You also made very good use of Cologne. I enjoyed seeing her play both sides and get what she wanted, although at the cost of the Teen Titans' trust and potentially further blowback later on. She's playing with fire (pun intended) by bringing Blackfire back to the Amazon village, and although it was mostly only alluded to here I still expect her partnership with Lex Luthor to go sideways at some point, and I'm more willing to bet on him getting the better of her than the other way around.

And speaking of Blackfire, your delving into her backstory was fantastic. I don't know if the Teen Titans cartoon ever covered it in that much detail, but you gave her depth and an even an air of tragedy in that she could be so much more if she wasn't obsessed with revenge. That also made the politics of Tamaran so much more interesting and multi-faceted.

Robin and Starfire getting over their misunderstanding was nice, and the developments with Cyborg and Beast Boy's relationships with Lotion and Spice were pleasant too. I think my only disappointment is that the epic battles were mostly glossed over with the exception of Perfume's battle against Galfore, but the battles weren't the point of this side-story and spending too much time on them would've distracted from the plot-important and character content so I understand why you didn't focus too much on them. As is, the Tamaran parts of the story flow smoothly, and prolonged combat scenes could've very easily interrupted that flow.

Back on Earth, it was a delight seeing so many characters meet up and interact. I had a fun time trying to identify heroes based on the descriptions, and I found myself surprised by just how much I enjoyed Speedy's presence. Despite initially coming off as something of a jerk, he's a likeable jerk and he played off the rest of the cast terrifically. It also helps that Red Arrow was one of my favorite characters from Young Justice. Supergirl reappearing along with Mousse and Shampoo was a treat, and it was fun seeing the antics she got up too. At this point, I think I'd enjoy a side-story of her visiting Nerima if that's on the horizon. Seeing Terra make new friends was nice, and Ryouga and Jinx's reunion was sweet. You and Captain Chryssalid had managed to get me back on the Ryouga x Raven bandwagon in Reflections Lost, but his scenes with Jinx here reminded me of why I like them being together so much.

The brief examination of Nabiki's position in society was an interesting digression too, and her dilemma is compelling. There is space in the world of superheroes and supervillains for gentlemen criminals who rob and steal without directly hurting others, but playing by those rules can put one at a disadvantage when going against more ruthless supervillains, as evidenced by how the Headmaster got the better of her back in the prequel story. And on the superhero front, not all of them won't take things personally if Nabiki repeatedly gets in their way. Ukyo's likely not going to be happy when she learns how Nabiki tricked her out of a party, and there are other superheroes who won't act like proverbial boy scouts if Nabiki tangles with them (not to mention the violent vigilantes who take punishment into their own hands that also exist in this universe). Nabiki might be able to toe the line, but it's going to be a challenge and there are people on both sides of the superhero and supervillain spectrum who won't play along.

The ending scene with Ranma was nice set-up for future arcs, and I liked the maturity he showed in reaching a new understanding with Ryouga. It makes sense for them to share techniques and knowledge even as they continue to compete against each other since the threats they face are dangerous to far more people than just themselves now, and it also gives Ranma a means to catch-up again if the story goes past Reflections Lost (although I'd previously assumed Ranma would simply get his own training from hell since the universe seems to conspire to keep him and Ryouga fairly evenly matched).

Regardless, great job and thanks for sharing. I wish you good luck with your writing, whatever it might be.
3/14 c56 MajereTom
Hey Lathis, just wanted to say thank you for all your writing, and in particular how happy I am to have new Dark Titans back in my life. From the first few chapters of Titans and the Lost Boy, you've written something that's really drew me in and captured the essence of all the characters, and your collaboration on Reflections on a Dark Road is, in my probably biased opinion, one of the best works of fiction I've read.

To try and add something constructive to the love-in, I've been enjoying the new chapters. I felt the character stuff at the party worked a little better for me then on Tamaran, but the latter's plot was a lot tighter, but that's probably the nature of the beast, and I enjoyed both. Your work on keeping everyone in character and sounding like themselves remains top notch, and for someone focusing on Rouga you're probably one of the better writers on Ranma - though being largely unfamiliar with the DC universe outside of the Teen Titans cartoon, I'm not the best judge.
3/12 c56 LordHero
Nice to see some thought what to do with Blackfire and Cologne still finding a way to come out on top.
Ranma and Ryoga teaching each other is just the next step in the martial art arms race, can't wait to see what you come up with next.
3/10 c56 7Gundam-Issac
A delightful finish to a delightful story arc! The ending bit with ryouga and ranma was hilarious and I am excited to see what the future holds for the main plot (and holy shirt-balls the friendship clause was a deep callback).
As long as you keep writing like this you got a fan in me!
3/10 c56 6The Tailor
It’s nice to actually see a conclusion for robin and starfire, as it’s said so often they just constitute will they won’t they? And that gets boring eventually so nice going! Like the chapter bits focusing on beyond the fighting, nice to see Ranma getting on with Ryouga but I would have thought even if he did want him stronger he wouldn’t do a direct trade but I can see him doing it for jinx and some other techniques. I like the fact there actually debating what will happen with Blackfire.
3/10 c56 3ijpowers92
A well written wrap up to the arc. I am wondering what you are planning with the Chinese Amazon laws. I mean, let's be honest. It could range anywhere from something personal for Raven and the Titans to something big with Luthor.

I was surprised to learn you've rewritten TT&tLB. And posted the series to AO3. I've gone ahead and bookmarked your stuff over there. Any choice highlights I should reread?
3/9 c56 2yama oni
I love this story and am always hungry for new updates. That said, kinda don't want you to post a teaser. I trust you're working on it and it would not to my heart well to be waiting so long for the following chapters. You have great pacing and flow that comes from your careful editing process and what happens if you get to the final chapter of the arc and realize a line that world make a perfect parallel but only if it was in the first chapter!

I'm one voice. It's your story and I love reading it either way.

Also, I ship Raven and Ranma so hard. The uncertainty of if it's slow burn or the beginning of a sibling relationship like you set up with Starfire and Ryoga is killing me.
3/7 c55 Saiyans4ever
Here is a my request. It is a Dragon Ball series and Senran Kagura crossover.

It is rated K-T. The sequels range from T-M.

Saiyans and Shinobi Part 1: The World of the Story and Story Arcs.

The world of the Story is a fusion of the Dragon Ball multiverse and Senran Kagura. The Earth is a fusion of Universe 7 Earth and Senran Kagura Earth with Son Goku going down events of the original Dragon Ball series and some of the Senran Kagura games before going into Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and Dragon Ball GT for the finale.

But their are 5 twists to the Dragon Ball story.

1. Goku spends his childhood in the mountains but is Asuka’s childhood and lifelong friend and eventual boyfriend.

2. All the Gods of Earth’s mythology and religions are real. If the Gods of myth get involved they have all the abilities of all their legends, their pop culture counterparts and their various incarnations and the characters that they inspired in pop culture. They can do anything that can be imagined within their spheres of influence but a creator or head deity of a mythology and religion is virtually omnipotent. Their only weaknesses are the ones found in their original religions and mythologies.

The reason why many of the Gods of Earth are no longer active is because that after the Age of Legends they developed a non interference policy on the mortal world for those still around. Most of Earth’s pantheons have moved on and all have created their own universes outside of Zeno’s authority and the Gods of Myth have all ascended to a higher plane of existence beyond anything in Dragon Ball by perfecting the Magic of their religions and Dragon Ball Magic along with Ki.

The position of Guardian of Earth is one that the Gods of Legend created to act as a messenger as well as be their emissary and ambassador to the Kai’s, Angels, and Xeno, and be the protector of Earth but is still mortal hence why their is more than one but they all have God Ki.

Shin and Old Kai are not the only surviving Supreme Kai’s of Universe 7. The Supreme Kai Avatars in Dragon Ball Heroes are here. They are Shin’s juniors. After the fight with Kid Buu the Supreme Kai's that we’re absorbed are restored and train them. Between the end of Z and the beginning of Dragon Ball GT they reach Super Saiyan Blue levels of power.

Dabura and The Demon Gods in the Dragon Ball Hero games are here. They are the creators of the Yoma.

3. Bardock convinced the Saiyans of Freiza’s attempt to wipe them out and there are enough survivors for the Universe Seven Saiyans to not be on the edge of extinction or need to breed with other species to survive. The Saiyans reform and work on getting revenge on Freiza. Bardock becomes a mixture of his incarnation in the Episode of Bardock Special and his Dragon Ball Super incarnation with his powers and character development.

4. The main cast are children when you start the story and become teenagers when you go into the later parts of Dragon Ball and Senran Kagura proper. All the characters are still teenagers when you go into Dragon Ball Z and their mid twenties to early thirties when you go into Dragon Ball Super. In Dragon Ball GT they reach their 40’s.

5. Nappa, Vegeta, and Raditz all survive the Saiyan Saga and change for the better.

Saiyans and Shinobi Part 2: The Powers and Abilities of the Main Cast.

At the beginning Goku is as strong as he is at the start of Dragon Ball but gets everything that he can do officially across the franchise and more. From Senran Kagura Son Goku learns how use the energies of Yin and Yang and Senran Kagura Ninjutsu and Ninja scrolls.

When Goku goes Ozaruu the first time, the gang decide not to tell him that he crushed his grandpa. But when Goku goes Ozaruu at the Tenkaichi Budokai they tell Goku the truth and he understands that he killed his grandpa so he decides to keep his tail and work to master the Oozaru form and the powers within him as both self expression and atonement.

Due to his harder work ethic Son Goku eventually gets everything that he has officially from across the franchise. Goku gets everything from across Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and the Dragon Ball Super Anime and Manga. That includes the Anime, the movies, special’s, filler arcs, and various video games.

In the Buu Saga Goku’s arc when dealing with the beast within comes to a close when Goku learns about Super Saiyan 4 from Old Kai and works to get it.

Son Goku reaches Golden Ozaruu, Super Saiyan 4, and goes into Super Full Power Saiyan 4 to destroy Kid Buu and save the universe. Between the events of the Buu Saga and Dragon Ball Super Son Goku masters Super Saiyan 4, Super Full Power Saiyan 4, Golden Oozaru, and reaches Super Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker.

In Dragon Ball Super Goku gains all the transformations and abilities he has in both the Anime and Manga of Dragon Ball Super without drawbacks as he trained to overcome them.

Son Goku also gains the remaining powers of his inspirations Sun Wukong from Journey to the West and Hanuman from the Ramayana aside from their immortality and invulnerability. Son Goku also gets the equipment and weapons of Wukong and those the Gold and Silver Horned Kings had in Journey to The West.

If anything Sun Wukong can do in Journey to the West is missing Goku learns it.

Super Strength: Sun Wukong at his weakest could easily lift one ton and kill a tiger in a single strike right after breaking in half the mountain he was imprisoned under for 500 years. He could have lifted the mountain off him if The Buddha didn’t place a binding seal on it.

Not Quite Flight: Sun Wukong's cloud jumping allows him to reach the Celestial Heavens in one jump or cross an ocean. Sun Wukong is able to cartwheel halfway across the world in a single leap though he is capable of actual flight as well.

Nigh Invulnerable and Complete Immortality:

Sun Wukong took in multiple immortality inducing substances when just one would have given him immortality. Sun Wukong after training under a Taoist Sage became functionally immortal and after that he wrote his name and the names of his subjects out of The Book of Life and Death, ate the Peach Fruit of Immortality, drank The Heavenly Wine of the Jade Emperor and ate Laozi’s Pills of Immortality.

Sun Wukong survived being burned alive by a Fire that can kill immortals for 48 days and became even stronger with the elixirs of immortality hardening in his body and he survived having a mountain dropped on him by The Buddha. During The Journey to The West Sun Wukong after eating the Human Faced Fruit became even more immortal. Sun Wukong is fairly fireproof with him being immune to regular and Heavenly Fire with only The True Fire of Samadhi able to hurt him. Even most Demonic Weapons were useless against him.

Sun Wukong after the Journey to the West ascended into the Heavens as a Buddha becoming completely immortal.

Self-Duplication: One of Wukong's signature moves has him pulling out a bunch of his hair and blowing on them, resulting in each hair turning into a clone of him.

Goku can duplicate with the Multiform technique but it divides the strength of the user in proportion to the amount of copies. Son Goku masters both Duplication techniques but uses Sun Wukong’s version as it did not drain Wukong.

Enlightenment Super Powers: Wukong’s magic comes from studying Taoism and learning the secrets of the universe from his master and through intense training.

Son Goku in cannon gains a form of enlightenment by mastering his life force and through Ultra Instinct. In this story Goku learns to use the energies of Yin and Yang with his Ki. Son Goku when he goes through the Senran Kagura arcs and unlocks and masters actual chakra's from Hinduism and Buddhism via Meditation and Yoga and learns Senran Kagura Ninjutsu.

Goku when he trains with Kami masters Dragon Ball Magic and Taoist Magic after years of training and study and gains some of Sun Wukong’s abilities and in Dragon Ball Super he masters Ultra Instinct.

Voluntary Shape Shifting: Allegedly 72 transformations but in fact he can transform into whatever he likes.

Goku is the king of transformations with the Ozaruu form, Kaio-Ken, the Super Saiyan transformations and Ultra Instinct. In this story Goku gets all his official transformations and techniques from across the franchise and ends up getting more transformations because of Ninja Scrolls and Senran Kagura Ninjutsu and he gets all the transformations of Sun Wukong when studying Taoism and Goku also masters the Ozaruu form, the Kaio-Ken. In this story Goku masters everything he has officially.

Mind over Matter: Sun Wukong is capable of telekinesis, and can make inanimate objects come to life.

Goku’s ki gives him Telepathy and Telekinesis!

Trade Mark Weapon: Sun Wukong had an indestructible staff called the Ryui-Jingu-Ban that could expand and retract, change size, and stretch long enough to give Sun Wukong a bridge to Heaven and under the Dragon King of the Western Seas it could control the world’s Ocean's and Tides and it was able to both measure and hold down the Milky Way Galaxy.

Goku's Power Pole eventually gains those abilities.

World's Greatest Warrior: At the start of his adventures Sun Wukong defeated The Monstrous King of Havoc, the heavenly army of 100,000 strong, The Mighty Spirit God, The 4 Heavenly Kings, The 28 Constellations, Nezha the Lotus Prince, and proved himself the equal of Erlang Shen.

Sun Wukong ripped through all of heaven's greatest champions and not just survived everything they could throw at him but HE GOT STRONGER. By the time he was punished by The Buddha he was on the brink of becoming The Emperor of Heaven. During the journey Sun Wukong is able to fight and defeat just about everyone including The Dragon of the Heavens.

Goku has fought Gods, Demons, Androids, Aliens, and in Dragon Ball GT Goku fought Dragon's and is the greatest warrior in the universe in that timeline.

Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence: After the events of Journey to the West Sun Wukong ascended into the heavens as a Buddha.

Son Goku gains the power of a god in Dragon Ball Super. Son Goku at the end of Dragon Ball GT ascended to a higher plane of existence. In this story Son Goku gains God Ki, becomes a Super Saiyan God and ascends to a higher plane of existence at the end of the story.

Magic Eyes: Sun Wukong had special eyes that could see through all lies, disguises, transformations, and illusions. They could shoot laser beams all the way to Heaven but they had problems with smoke.

Son Goku after years of practicing martial arts and both Taoist and Dragon Ball magic in this story has his eyes gain those supernatural powers along with his sensing abilities but without the weaknesses of Sun Wukong’s.

Instant Mastery: Sun Wukong could master any spell or technique with the bare minimum of instruction after seeing it once.

Goku can master any technique if taught the basics.

Speaks fluent animal: Sun Wukong could talk to and command Horses.

In this story Son Goku gets his own Ninja Scroll and Animal Summons and it is a Monkey who teaches him to talk to animals.

Super Not Drowning Skills. Sun Wukong could survive Underwater without oxygen.

Intangible Man: Sun Wukong could phase through Metal and Rock unhindered.

Here is Hanuman’s profile and abilities.

Hanuman is one of the supporting characters in the Hindu epic the Ramayana. Hanuman is the son of Vayu the Wind God and is one of the kind and cheerful Vanara who befriends Rama and Lakshmana.

Celibate Hero: Hanuman was not interested in having relationships, so he swore an oath of eternal Brahmacharya. This is averted in the Thailand versions as he has a romance with the mermaid Suvannamaccha and conceives a son with her.

Son Goku was not interested in romance until he married Chi-Chi.

Dating Catwoman: In the Thai versions Hanuman has a romance with Ravana's daughter Suvannamaccha after she becomes his opponent for a time. His wooing of her and explaining the reason for the war on her father spurs her to turn good.

Goku has turned his enemies into his allies in cannon and in this story Goku has formerly Evil Ninja in his harem.

All-Loving Hero, Nice Guy, and Humble Hero: Hanuman is humble to a fault. He never told Rama about himself. He leaves the venue out of embarrassment when the Sage Agastya starts telling Hanuman's backstory to Rama. Hanuman is a amiable person.

Goku is humble and kind to a fault. He is pure of heart and usually gives people a second chance.

Monkey King Lite: Hanuman isn't the same as Sun Wukong but their are similarities. Some scholars think Sun Wukong may have been influenced by Hanuman. Tales and artwork of Sun Wukong can be traced back to about 1000 years and the Ramayana is even older.

Goku is this trope.

Story-Breaker Power, Superpower Lottery, and World's Strongest Man: As a child Hanuman was blessed by the gods with Complete Immortality, shape shifting, absolute invulnerability, super strength, perfect health, immunity from diseases, fire and drowning. Hanuman is so strong that he can lift entire Himalayan mountains and fly all the way to Lanka in one night. Hanuman is even immune to the Brahmastra, which is equal to a nuke.

Goku is so strong that he can take on almost anyone. He has Energy blasts, Super modes, flight, teleportation, a healing factor, recover from grievous wounds and get stronger, and has only been sick twice. In Dragon Ball GT Son Goku is the universe’s strongest in that timeline.

All the characters from the Dragon Ball and Senran Kagura series end up gaining all their cannon powers and abilities. The Senran Kagura girls also train under Master Roshi, The Crane Hermit, Mister Popo, Kami, King Kai, and the Z Fighters to learn their techniques and reach new levels of power. They also have their potential unlocked to keep up. Some drink The Ultra Divine Water and survive, some have their potential awakened by Guru on Namek, and others go through Old Kai's ritual.

But the Saiyans gain greater power.

After Raditz turns good he gains Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 4, Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan Blue Perfected.

After Nappa turns good he gets Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, and Super Saiyan 4.

Vegeta also gets everything he has officially across the franchise.

Saiyans and Shinobi Part 3: Parings. Son Goku unknowingly at first being Son Goku gets a harem made up of these girls: Chichi, Asuka, Hibari, Heruka, Hikage, and Homura. In time Goku keeps them all happy and has kids with all of them. Krillin gets with Android 18, and Vegeta gets with Bulma.

Raditz gets with Launch and has two daughters and two sons with her. The rest of the Dragon Ball cast find love interests from the Senran Kagura girls and the Senran Kagura cast find love from the Dragon Ball series or their home franchise.

Saiyans and Shinobi Part 4: Character portrayals. Everyone is as cannon like as possible with some exceptions. Son Goku is himself at first but eventually becomes a hero who inspires to be better like in the original Funimation English Dub. Nappa and Raditz survive the Saiyan Saga and change turn good and get stronger because of it.

Saiyans and Shinobi Part 5: The Ending and The Legacy Of Goku.

After Goku, his harem, and the Z Fighters win the Tournament of Power and face the Super version of Broly and put down Freiza. Goku, Raditz, Vegeta, and Nappa train the Saiyans to reach the Super Saiyan transformations, to use magic, the energies of Yin and Yang and proper Ki control to defend the universe when they are gone and Goku also trains Uub to protect Earth when he is done.

After a time skip the events of Dragon Ball GT play out albeit somewhat altered except for the regular Dragon Balls having their GT dark side and the final episodes and ending. Dragon Ball GT has to be the Avengers Endgame of the story.

The team must collect the Black Star Dragon Balls from across the universe because the Pilaf Gang made a wish on them. After the Baby Saga because of the cast overusing Earth’s Dragon Balls the Shadow Dragons are born and rampage across the Earth and they create a rift connecting Earth to Hell allowing all the villains they have killed to rampage across the earth furthering the damages to the planet.

After Goku and his companions defeat the Shadow Dragons and the other bad guys Goku has to leave with Shenron to prevent people from relying on the Dragon Balls until the Earth can stand on its own.
To help Earth evolve Krillin and Tien bring back the Turtle and Crane Houses of Martial Arts and Nappa, Raditz, and Vegeta also open their own martial arts school.

Piccolo also goes to Namek to teach his kin his fighting style, techniques, and trains them to reach his level of power.

Gohan when he is born and grows up writes the Ki Manuel’s from Dragon Ball Online and builds his own martial arts school with all the various techniques and paths to enlightenment Gohan and his father learned as it’s teachings to help Earth grow. The Senran Kagura girls open their own Ninja schools for the same purpose.

What happens to Goku's legacy is something special as Goku over the years is given proper credit for his adventures.

Goku became one of the youngest martial artists to ever become a finalist in The Tenkaichi Budokai and destroyed the Red Ribbon Army along with defeating several demons with investigators finding out the truth. When King Piccolo rampages Son Goku defeats him and people were their to report the incident and Son Goku is given credit.

During the Senran Kagura arcs, Goku was the one who slayed Orochi and the Shinobi world owes Goku. Son Goku wins The Tenkaichi Budokai and after defeating Piccolo Jr. Goku is seen as a hero. In the Cell Saga Goku defeats Perfect Cell and is rewarded for his efforts.

At the end of the story Son Goku is hailed as the Greatest Martial Artist of All Time and is seen as a legendary hero who saved the world multiple times. Hindu’s think that Goku is connected to Hanuman and Buddhists think that he is connected to Sun Wukong.

That is closer to the truth. When Goku, Shenron, and the Earth’s Dragon Balls left the mortal world Goku, Shenron, and the Earth’s Dragon Balls ascend to a higher plane of existence and evolved into something more than a Supreme Kai, a God of Destruction, or a Super Saiyan God. When Goku left he also gained the Immortality and Invulnerability of both Hanuman and Sun Wukong.

To aliens of his universe Son Goku is Kakarot the son of the Sayians prophet and one of the Super Saiyans who showed the Saiyan race what can happen if you are good and go beyond your limits and Kakarot is also seen as a hero who defeated the worst monsters across the cosmos.

Among the Gods, Son Goku is one who through hard work achieved enlightenment, surpassed Gods and at the end of his journey became an Immortal and Invulnerable Warrior God who will protect his Universe but only when truly needed.

That is the Legacy of Goku.
3/7 c55 Saiyans4ever
This story is awesome. You are honoring all of DC and also Ranma 1/2 I honestly love it. You are showing all the characters as well, characters and I love it.

Now I have to ask. Do you take requests? Because I have a big one that you may like. I will send it after this review.
3/1 c55 ChronoBlade
Good job as always
Thanks for the much needed smiles
2/25 c55 6The Tailor
I can understand cologne acting the way she did but surely this has to have some negative effect on the relationship she and starfire have even if it’s simply a increase in formality between her and starfire, I mean I understand it was just business and she honestly liked starfire more but on a personal level starfire has to feel a little btrayed by cologne aiding with her sister even it was to a limited degree. Anyway other than that loved the chapter
2/23 c55 3ijpowers92
Okay. While I will be the first to admit I have not been the biggest fan of the party, I did enjoy this chapter. I was smiling throughout the whole thing and laughed too.

Also, Cyborg had a great rejoinder to Dizzy. So, props to that.
2/21 c54 17Rowan Seven
These latest chapters have been fun to read, and it's nice to see that Galfore's centuries of experience actually count for something! Now that I'm an adult myself, I find myself identifying more frequently with the experienced veteran who's unfortunate enough to face off against the upstart youth in fiction, so it was a pleasant surprise to see Galfore holding his own against Perfume. Cyborg shooting himself in the foot, meanwhile, was hard to look away from but in a good way, and Beast Boy and Spice's battle was delightful. My only disappointment on the Tamaran side of things is that Raven and Cologne's rematch happened mostly offscreen, but seeing as how that's only a sideshow to Starfire and Blackfire's confrontation I can't really complain. And while Starfire using the Hiryu Shoten Ha would normally be enough to end a battle, I'm guessing that's far too convenient to happen here.

Back on Earth, I'm glad Ryouga's anger on Jinx's behalf isn't getting in the way of him being civil with Shampoo, at least in public. I've been a fan of positive interactions between Ryouga and Shampoo ever since reading Mark Latus's "The Shampoo Variation" years ago, and, while I want Ryouga and Jinx to get back together, I'm not sure that happening at the expense of his friendship with Shampoo is a worthwhile trade-off. That aside, it's interesting seeing the cast at the party act like relatively normal dumb teens doing stupid stuff and leaving a mess behind that someone will have to clean up in the morning. I'm so used to seeing them dealing with or responding to superheroics, martial arts happenings, relationship drama, and the other meat and potatoes of superpowered teen protagonist stories that this, despite all its normalcy, feels strange. It's definitely entertaining and I'm eager to see what happens next, although I do hope Kasumi and the rest do something special for Miss Martian to make up for the latest emotional headache. She deserves to enjoy herself at the party.

Anyway, thanks again for writing and sharing these new installments, and I continue to wish you good luck with your writing!
2/17 c54 6The Tailor
I last read this nearly half a decade ago and it is a Greta pleasure to see it is back to life. I hope this keeps going. I find the interactions of the young hero’s with each other tremendously amazing.
2/12 c54 6Admiral Saris
:) I had a lot of fun this one.
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