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2/27 c44 69Animorphgirl
Is Toloth going to have Teresa baptize him? Because that's the first logical thought that came to mind. And he must know that if he did leave her head, she wouldn't kill him, and would likely put him back in.

The theology about time is interesting. I must say that the concept of eternity has been a terrifying one to me ever since I was a kid, even though if you get to Heaven, there's not really a past or future.

Also, I was a little surprised I didn't receive a notification about this chapter. I would have read it and reviewed much earlier. Well, it was certainly a nice surprise to see an update!
2/1 c44 Ming-Yao C. P
I am grateful God told me to come. This was so joy inducing even if I couldn't imagine the exact nature of the image of the clouds. I was happy you knew what nimbostratus was (I forgot) even when I couldn't picture them! And the debates, and... Thank you God!
One thing though: I so believe God created time! End tiny rant. Love you, love this, we love God.
1/28 c44 Tyrionpotter01
Always a treat when this updates. I cannot believe how good this is especially given the wild premise. He is going to ask her to baptize him, I think.
1/28 c44 38Calyn
Oh golly, another cliffhanger! He's so CLOSE, dangit!

I was especially amused by the schismatic crack, and I sympathize with his struggle against pride. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.
1/28 c44 Tiky3000
The Garden existing aeviternally is an interesting idea.
11/17/2022 c6 Ming-Yao P
Coming back to this after a while, I have increased ...theologically? I don't know the word... but I disagree that freedom is a greater good than existence in... a lot of cases. I have Scripture, but I forgot the more obscure ones and only remember: Slaves, obey your masters and count them as worthy of honor...probably because of the reminder in Chapter 3. P.S. I looked it up on the website , and it says Servants instead of Slaves (in all three places I was searching for). Clever Malcar, clever.
8/3/2022 c43 7nw150
I ... I've seen this story mentioned on a couple of other places online and I conjured up a list of reasons why I wouldn't like it, one of which being that I'm Protestant so needless to say I don't agree with some things in here but in spite of that there are several places in here that had me in tears in the best way possible. and or laughing out loud as I picture the enemy having a meltdown! :D
the story has been uplifting in a way I can't even describe and I can't wait to see where it goes from here!
-God bless.
1/31/2022 c43 47zedille
Very happy to see you back! The chapter was thought-provoking, as always.
1/17/2022 c43 Tiky3000
It's been a while. Powerful chapter.
1/10/2022 c43 3dogman15
Things feel like they're heating up! I can't wait to read more!

I know it wouldn't happen with you writing, but wouldn't it be funny if - if Toloth comes to accept the Catholic view of things - suddenly one day Toloth learns about Martin Luther and switches to being Protestant?
Ha, I'm kidding.
1/6/2022 c43 38Calyn
I'm always thrilled whenever this fic updates, not the least because I get to remember all over again that I love it, but this chapter in particular evoked a high amount of excited desk pounding and gleeful yelling "AHAHA YES DO IT".

The whole end bit reminds me of the part in Perelandra where Ransom has a talk with the silence that is a Voice. Love it. My only complaint is that I very much want to see the rest of the Mass immediately, but I'm sure it will be well worth the wait.
1/6/2022 c43 69Animorphgirl
Well, that was interesting! Toloth is certainly in a quandary, and knows it all too well. I wonder if Teresa has any idea? To the best of my recollection, KAA hadn't established the extent to which hosts can be made aware of their Yeerk's feelings. Certainly, their thoughts are closed off to them, but if feelings cannot be hidden (or it takes more effort), Teresa might be aware of her temporary Yeerk's anxiety? On the other hand, she might be enjoying being able to participate far better than Malcar ever allowed to be aware of his emotions. What will happen when they receive Communion, I wonder...
12/24/2021 c22 Ming-Yao C. P
I seem to remember previous chapters having Sub-Visser One Hundred Fifty-Three and now in this chapter I saw Sub-Visser One Hundred Sixty-Three. Did he get demoted or promoted?
12/24/2021 c6 Ming-Yao C. P
I have two issues with this chapter. My main issue: humans are made in the image of God, not other animals, so I figure that Yeerks are not made in the image of God since they are most similar to slugs.
Second issue: I have read the book The Shack and to borrow an idea from there: Jesus was fully human and all his works are the power of the Father in him, not his own power. He was fully as weak as any human and in himself did not have the reality-altering power of God, as he gave it up to incarnate. This idea from a book with heresy/false doctrine (such as no hierarchy originally when Scripture itself states the head of Christ is God). Thanks for reading, I do hope you continue.
12/23/2021 c4 Ming-Yao C. P
I. Love. This. This is the simplest explanation of the Trinity I have in recent memory (I have short memory, but still) I probably need to do more research and see if it holds up to Scripture completely, as I had to for the novel The Shack (which didn't), but I am going to hold onto this.
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