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8/1/2016 c36 PoignardAzur
Holy crap this thing is still being updated?

I started reading this story while I was on an Animorphs fic binge four years ago. It's one of my favorite Animorphs fanfiction, because of its deep analysis of Yeerk culture and because I'm a sucker for yeerk/controller stories in general. The Christian imagery/analysis is a nice bonus, though I'm mostly just amused by the silliness of the Yeerk Empire being menaced by, of all things, Space Christianity.

I'm kind of surprised it's still going, by the way. Most Animorphs fics that started before the 2010s are dead now (R.I.P. The Perspective... you were so close to completion!). Does the author think this fic will ever be completed?
7/31/2016 c36 Aynessa
Ehhh...to be honest, there was way too much TL;DR in this chapter. The math part was entirely too long and complicated for the average reader, and even though I excelled at algebra and calculus years ago, my eyes still glazed over about halfway through. I think you probably lost the majority of your readers on this part.
7/31/2016 c36 1Defender31415
Um... Why did you spend half the chapter on math problems? I don't get it. The title makes sense though.
7/31/2016 c36 3dogman15
You're missing some quotation marks on one part. You have:
«Tell me, said Toloth, about some...

It should be:
«Tell me», said Toloth, «about some...»

I don't know if you intentionally had Toloth get his math wrong, but 679,942 times 7 is actually 669,942. He was 10,000 off.

Toloth says 679,942 times 7 is 4,759,554 - but it's actually 4,759,594. And the original correct answer, 669,942, multiplied by 7, is 4,689,594.

So was it your intention for Toloth to do incorrect math?

Also, I'm glad this story is back! Wouldn't it be cool if you had another event that coincided with or interacted with the Animorphs? If my memory serves me right, the last event from the books you referenced was from Book #7, The Stranger, where the Animorphs destroy the Kandrona generator at the top of the EGS Tower. Right? So that means that, in the timeline, your story is somewhere around #8 or 9. In "The Alien", they find Ax, while being chased by Visser Three and Yeerks. In #9, the Animorphs stop a bogus logging operation run by the Yeerks. I don't know if you would be able to slip in references to these events in conversation, but it would be a nice nod.
7/31/2016 c36 10Fallen Dragonfly
Simple. Clever. Great chapter.
7/31/2016 c36 Syutian
An update? Awesome! It may not have progressed the story too far but it was great nonetheless! Thank you :3
7/31/2016 c36 16Anifan1
Interesting chapter. Nice to get a glimpse of Teresa prior to her infestation, along with the aforementioned Jasmine. I would imagine that Jasmine's punishment for shoplifting would be fairly minor, especially if she didn't have any previous offenses...maybe a ban from the store and some community service. But things may have been different in California-is that where she lives?-at the end of the 20th century. As far as Elskir's situation goes, I wonder why she didn't feed before her scheduled feeding if she knew there would be family members coming to her home? Maybe the Yeerks can run an emergency trip to the Kandrona without her family knowing. I appreciate the longer chapter, and hope the next update will be of a similar length, and without as much of a delay.
3/21/2016 c35 6Aynessa
I am utterly entranced by this story. Never have I come across such a fantastic meshing of sci-fi fandom and real-world concepts such as Catholicism. The idea of Christ spreading theough the Yeerk Empire, changing Yeerks' hearts as He goes, is absolutely fascinating. This is brilliantly done, even for someone who has no knowledge of Catholic rituals and barely remembers the Yeerk premise from a book series read in childhood many years ago. Bravo!
12/19/2015 c33 5Eruantalon
I love your pseudo-history for the Sharing! The glimpses of Yeerk culture make them seem so much more like well-rounded persons - which is exactly what this story's pointing out they are.
12/19/2015 c20 Eruantalon
I like the translation "statue-honor." :)

To bring up a possible misconception, one way for Toloth or someone else to interpret "if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the Law [of Nature]" would be to think that Christians led by the Spirit can break gravity, electromagnetism, and other physical laws. Which, well, the Spirit does empower us to do miracles - very rarely. If you're looking for a way to make Yeerks really worried about Christianity, or else really confused, this might be it...

On another note, it's sounding to me like Malcar herself is being influenced by Theresa more than she realizes. She's already treating the spiritual power of Christianity as real. She says the idea is living. She was literally praying to a dead Yeerk in the last chapter. If this's a subtle setup for something, I'm looking forward to it.
12/19/2015 c19 Eruantalon
I'm rereading this story, and coming to it without misconstrued expectations, rereading is even better than reading the first time!

I see you've been editing things a bit? Good work; two of the edits are great improvements. Malcar accusing Theresa of "avoiding Mexicans because of an old schoolgirl rivalry" is much better than "sulking when Philip Walden doesn't notice you." For one, I don't think Theresa would be interested in romance right now; for another, racism is a clearer sin.

Also, I love the explanation of how the Skrit Na picked up one of the Bibles commissioned by Constantine and have been reinventing heresies ever since! It's plausible; it's fun; it plays in well with Toloth's confusion. And it even fits with what God has allowed in His Church: half of Asia was Nestorian for centuries, and at either Protestants or Roman Catholics are still in serious heresy after five hundred years, so God clearly allows a part of His Church to remain in heresy for a long time. What's more, after this fic, the heresy might be about to be corrected...

There's one other edit, though - I seem to remember a line where Gef mistakes Theresa's description of the Devil ("a being of great cunning and malevolence") to be talking about the Yeerks? It might not quite fit with his character, but that line was fun; I'm sorry it had to go.
12/5/2015 c33 moira
Yeah, there's no way the Yeerks were in 21 states, given the endgame.
12/5/2015 c21 moira
What have you got against United Methodists?
12/5/2015 c15 moira

Yeah, she was sort of de-emphasising that bit, over-all...
12/5/2015 c14 moira
:D :D :D

(I had wondered why you'd decided to have her in the the tanks rather than any of the others but it's so she has water, of course, not... anything else anyway good)
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