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for Confessions of Secret Sentiments

6/16/2007 c3 28Puck and Rachel fan
Please post more soonish.

6/16/2007 c3 2BrandiIndigo
I can't wait to read more. Update soon.
4/16/2007 c2 4SKayLanphear
OMGooses, it's awesome /amazed and astounded lol. Write the next chapter will ya ^-^

4/15/2007 c2 1desecretperson
it seems intresting i want to see where it goes
4/15/2007 c2 5new.years.eve
aw, loving the merder lurve! update soon
4/14/2007 c2 28Puck and Rachel fan
I love this story. Please post more soon.

4/2/2007 c1 Greys has become my life
Awesome story idea! I love the fact that the four will get together to talk out their couple problems. I personally find it easier to talk honestly to my boyfriend when someone else is there. Weird, huh!
4/1/2007 c1 4Endzi
Good start...please update again soon, I want to see what happens.
4/1/2007 c1 4SKayLanphear
OMGOOSES April, It's amazing! LOL! I'll give off my normal review speal now, ahem:

That was awesome, oh my gosh, please update soon! I love your story!

-Steph (lolol)

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