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for Cause and Effect

1/19/2018 c3 1SusanMarieS
lol yay rayne
1/26/2011 c3 alisosia
a great rayne start wish there was a sequel

enjoyed it lots
9/2/2010 c3 BlueEyedBrigadier
In hindsight, it makes sense that River and Jayne getting hitched - and YoSaffBridge getting offed - would skew the 'Verse timeline quite a bit. No YoSaffBridge running around the 'Verse the potential to squeal about Serenity's dealings or sucker the crew into stealing a rare Earth-That-Was artefact...no raid on St. Lucy's for access to an imaging scanner to study the damage to River's brain or an encounter with the Hands of Blue...no escalation to having a Parliamentary Operative involved in hunting Serenity down.

Wouldn't have minded seeing how things changed for other events like "War Stories" or "Objects in Space" (since Early seemed to find River and Simon independently to the efforts of the Academy or Alliance Parliament), but still awesome none the less ;)
8/21/2009 c3 SusanMarieS
yep this one's different it's the first one i've seen where they show mal and inara get together. well the acual scene where it happens. thanks for the effort you've put forth for this good story.
11/20/2007 c2 44Green Owl
River: “...He doesn’t love me, not yet, but I have full confidence that given the proper amount of time and numerous copulations, Jayne will realize he simply cannot do without me.”

Jayne rolled his eyes. “Yeah, well if last night and this morning are any clue of what my life with crazy’s gonna be like, I can tell you right now, she ain’t goin’ nowhere.”

ROTFLMAO - "numerous copulations!"

9/4/2007 c3 emma134
that was really cute
4/23/2007 c3 zoe90
love it love it love it plz plz plz update

4/15/2007 c3 Cody101
OMG! pleas pleas UPDATE soon I need to read more pleas I am puting thisin alert so hery and up date soon
4/5/2007 c3 9michebabyblue
Kay this is just brilliant, i can't wait to see where you take this.
4/4/2007 c3 1masey
Well done, i can't wait to read more!
4/4/2007 c3 AngusH

The requirement for bonding of River was a clever idea, it solves the key question of how exactly River could possibly be used in any serious way by the Alliance.

Plus Jayne's comment after River kills Saffron was so right for Jayne.

I loved the story.
4/4/2007 c3 Juniper375
Yay! A lovely story so far, I hope Jayne falls in love soon, or at least realizes that he has loved her all along...but then, I love mush.
4/3/2007 c3 1neisprime
Please don't tell me it's the end of the story because there obviously need to be more stories. I WANT to be around when Jayne finally realizes that he loves River and there's still Simon and Kaylee to contend with.

All in all, good job.
4/3/2007 c3 9DruidLass
Nice work, elaine. Short and sweet. I really liked what you did with River's character, and how you explained her sudden lucidity. And Jayne is just too sweet for words, while retaining that coarseness that is just him. Great job!

4/3/2007 c2 zoe
i absolutly love your story cant wait for u to update so update soon plz plz plz plz


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