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10/19/2007 c5 2Skandragon Blackheart
Please update soon! I love it so much!
10/19/2007 c5 8BrightBlueHearse
Yay! New chapter. Very entertaining. Was happy to read =)
10/12/2007 c4 8mastersam
I think you're doing great on the story, maybe the only thing you should work on is making the chapters a little longer. Also, you did a wondrous job at making Penelope among the bigger bitches I've seen/read about. After a dinner like that, I'd just take the job, and ditch her.

*singsong voice* Penelope is a big fat bitch, she's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world-

Oh... um, I apologize for the rudeness and the reference to a South Park song.
10/10/2007 c4 8BrightBlueHearse
Seth is much more patient than I am, by God. Penelope totally reminds me of my mother-in-law. (seriouslly, she shows her ass in resteraunts all the time). Funny stuff, can't wait for more =)
10/9/2007 c4 15Ranoko
Penelope doesn't sound like a very nice person. Wonder what's had them sticking so long together?

heheh; sorry, I'm being a bit mean(perhaps). But what he sees in her I've yet to think of. And, surely, something will happen once she discovers the new job is all ABOUT Halloween! X3

I await the fireworks. ^-^

On Seth's account though, that must suck. Love his life or live to please love?

eh... didn't quite turn out as nice as I'd liked...^-^'

Great job, as expected! You're really following your character through expertly. ^^

9/19/2007 c3 8BrightBlueHearse
Go for it, Seth! Tee hee, so excited. I'm a loser =(. Even still, glad you updated. Where did Jack get a computer? I want an IM from Jack!
9/18/2007 c3 15Ranoko
^^ Yay! More reading!

Still goin' good, I see. Now, what has Seth finally decided on? Has he chosen his heart's desire, truely; or has he chosen merely what he wants?

heheh...I like how that sentence turned out. ^-^

Anyway, I'm still really looking foreward to reading more! I'm really happy that this isn't just some random story that you might have started, then forgotten about or killed.

Unlike me...T.T

9/14/2007 c2 Ranoko
I, personally, am loving this! X3 It keeps with the theme of Halloween(naturally), keeps Jack in character, and the intro of Seth as the possible 'heir' is awesome! Also, making him make real-life decisions is a great quality that I love in writing. ^-^

Keep up the amazing work! X3

Or I'm afraid I just might have to come looking for you. *evil grin*

9/9/2007 c2 1Nieki
Hmm... I think it's actually very good! :) Jack is wonderfully kept in character - which seems to be quite a challenge for many an author! :D Just one suggestion, though. Perhaps you might want to consider not to repeat Seth's name so many times. You could just use pronounce pronouns - of course, that wouldn't work ALL of the time, but it can help you avoid some repetition.

That's just my suggestion, though! I think this is great, even if you don't do that! :)

Wonderful job, I'm looking forward to the next chapter of this fic!


9/8/2007 c2 8BrightBlueHearse
Second chapter and still liking this. Can't wait for an update
9/8/2007 c1 BrightBlueHearse
Seth's a cheeky bastard =) Like this plotline. It's unique. Totally stick with it
8/28/2007 c1 54LordoftheWarren
Interesting...I once read a story about how Jack was known to a "guy in Kentucky as Mr. Unlucky", and it was as interesting and unique as this one! Great job!
4/30/2007 c1 Himesh
-_-;; don't look, i'm trying to review...*covers computer screen*

Mes like the story, must continue if you dont I wont read you other workd XP j/k. I'll still will read your other works but you still must keep it up ^_^
4/5/2007 c1 Forgottenhobbit
this better not be a one shot, because this was really good! What shocked me to most is the human is a boy, when it's normally a girl. Anyway, good job and i can't wait for more.
4/4/2007 c1 6NightmareFairy
I liked this a lot. Jack stays in charactor and Seth is pretty believeable. : D
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