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for A Superman, A Spy and A Vivisector

6/24/2009 c4 katie147
fantastic story, perhaps u will continue it?
11/14/2008 c4 Aeri102
great story hope you continue
4/2/2008 c4 Carly
Finally a Jake 2.0/Smallville crossover! My two fave shows. Great job so far...I can't wait to read more
3/27/2008 c4 Brian
Nice blending of the two stories. It's funny that Jake would know General Lane and then meet Lois. Keep up the good work and don't forget to keep the mix up, you do it well !
6/6/2007 c3 Goodfairy
Still really liking this story! I'd be happy to beta it for you, although i've never been a beta before, just let me know
6/5/2007 c3 8Zephyr of Shadows
WO HO! At long last there is a update! I'm SO happy to be hearing from you again friend, and if you need a beta... well, you can e-mail me at I may not be the best beta'er around however, as I am working WAY too much this summer, but I'll look into it if and when I have the time, if you feel the need to use me as a beta :) SO glad to read your work again! Please post again soon!
4/27/2007 c2 ShinObi87
Great update can wait to see the other character's reactions to Clark's powers (even Chole I beleive doesn't fully comprehended Clark's powers). Please build up to the revelation of his powers. For exmaple if Jake is about to shot Clark could hear the bullet and grab it out of the air before it hits Jake, but be so fast even Jake can;t full understand what happened.
4/27/2007 c2 Zephyr of Shadows
*blinks* LOL! This is a great story, two thumbs up, five outta five stars! Very funny, I really like the interplay between characters. I really need to start watching Smallville again =D PLease keep this going!
4/20/2007 c2 jesse
i love jake foley!

it's too bad they cancelled the show before they could finish the first season. chris gorham said it was about to get even more interesting.
4/19/2007 c2 Goodfairy
Ooh, this is really good, please continue!
4/18/2007 c2 mcgairman
This is a great story. I loved Jake 2.0 when it was on. I wish they had paried that show to Smallville. I like seeing Jake and Diane married and both having nanobots. That was what I thought would be the outcome of that show. I'm looking forward to your updates on this story. Thanks for a good read.
4/18/2007 c2 4gunnman
Great update. Tell Chloe to e-mail me a pic too.

4/18/2007 c2 mimi
Keep writing, awsome story!
4/16/2007 c1 Goodfairy
This is really good, really got me thinking, please update soon!
4/9/2007 c1 gunnman
Great begining. I cna't wait to see what happens.


PS - I read your profile. I loved all those shows too. (Jake 2.0, Seven Days, Bones, Firefly, Trek, & Sliders) One show I miss is Time Trax.
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