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for Catch Me If I Fall

10/20/2021 c4 25W. L. O'Fallon
This is when you wisH for more lol
12/23/2019 c4 Ignisaraignee
Excellent story, I hope you continue it
7/28/2018 c4 devilsqueen666
Can't wait for the next chapter en more please update soon love this story
2/28/2018 c4 spaceygirl67
plz continue its a great story
11/8/2016 c4 167ANGSWIN
Ooh, I liked this! Such an interesting idea, I wished that it had developed further.
7/4/2016 c4 Llialil
I can see you got over 100 follows, it is understandble, but WHY has you stopped
10/25/2015 c4 98Ebenbild
Will you continue this story some time? I really liked your idea and I would like to know what happens next.
3/7/2015 c4 7FarenenBlitz
Oh, that's so cuuuuuuute.
When she asks him to read along. 3
I love her and I love "Sal". xD
Please, please update as soon as possible!
12/10/2014 c4 Persephone A. Black
This story is amazing, I love it. :) Please update, I beg you! :)
11/4/2014 c4 Evani
Your killing me here. I love this, it's brilliantly written, and I really want an update, but I don't know if it's been abandoned or not
9/2/2014 c4 2Shorty653
No more?. :(
10/26/2013 c4 Protagonist Of Life
This is supper cool
7/5/2013 c4 3NullifiedSky
Start of a beautiful friendship :") UPDATE PLZ! :)
1/1/2013 c4 4meriland25
I love this story , is so original, please update !it would be a pity to leave such a great idea incomplete!
4/8/2012 c4 160Smithback
I would love to hear more of this story
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