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for Finding His Voice

8/3/2014 c1 18ramasioti100
I don't get it. Why can't Gordon talk?
11/4/2012 c1 Dan
Playing the Half Life II games I always wished they had revealed Gordens character more. I know your meant to assume his role but I kind of wish the dynamic between Alyx and Gorden was expored more. Its hard to not care about the story of this game because its fantastic. Maybe HL3 will have some surprises in store in terms of Gordens character development. Doubt it though.

I enjoyed this but I thought some parts were very tongue and cheek. I see Gorden as a very alpha manly kind of guy. Not one to blabber about his feelings. This mans a one man army after all. I think rather than hurt his throat trying to speak he would just grab her by the haunches and suck her face off. Gorden hasn't time for small talk he's a bad ass who takes what he wants!
1/23/2008 c1 WindyWildWolf
Interesting take on Gordon's speech. The imagery was gorgeous during the kiss too, I could see it happening.

Your vocabulary is very impressive, too.

Eli's reaction to Alyx saying they're still at the Citadel was the only part I didn't like as much. Judging by their in-game relationship, I don't think he'd be so snappy at her. But hey, that's just what I think.

Altogether, a great piece, very nice to read.
12/6/2007 c1 AlmightyTallest
You win. You win so hard.

I just played through HL2 and both of the 'episodes' again recently, and decided to go poking for Gordon/Alyx fics, because I really do think they belong together. I had no idea i'd find anything this good. You even gave Gordon an excuse for being a mute.

Well done, indeed. Would i be asking too much for more of the same? It'd be kinda neat to see the rest of the story with the relationship overlaid on it.
11/13/2007 c1 3mastersmith
Nice story. Even though parts were recycled from the game I still enjoyed reading it. This is truly a rare type of story. There just aren't very many half-life fics and even fewer that can be considered romantic. It's cool that you came up with an explanation as to why Gordon doesn't talk. Well, have a nice day.
11/5/2007 c1 Zadok
Wonderful, I love Half Life 2 and I've always been a fan of Gordon/Alyx fic yours is the only one I've been able to find so, far. I'm going to do a Gordon/Alyx fic and I was wonering if I could use what you have as a mid point in mine( mine will cover HL2 and episodes 1 and 2)
10/17/2007 c1 Wee.Doctor
awsome great half-life story i wish iw was like this in hte game

thanks for writing

6/10/2007 c1 10Tigerlily Brown
*mouth drops open* YAY! I'm so glad somebody had the sense to write a good Gordon/Alyx story. I'm a big fan of the game and am anxiously awaiting them to get together... Either way, great story! Straight to favorites! =)
5/10/2007 c1 10The Real Sidekick
Good story. You are at a unique cross roads here my friend. On the one hand you could continue the story and see what happens to Gordon and Alyx, and on the other, you could let us figure out what's going to happen. Either way is good, but after an amazing start like this, it almost begs for a continuation. Granted, you did say that it was complete, but... Anyway, keep up the good work on the rest of your stories.

Always at the Author's Side,

The Real Sidekick
4/12/2007 c1 Chemotherapeutic
Lol an actual romance in the half life archives, I have been looking forward to reading a romance between Aylx and Gordon for a while and it was pretty good. And i always did support the theory that Gordon could talk but it would hurt like hell because his throat was injured by a barnacle. But can you write a sequel? Like a whole romance version of episode one? A lot of people would appreciate that.
4/5/2007 c1 13ABitOfBlack
i dont really know half life, but OMG! i loved this!

esp.: “Please don’t make me say it again; I don’t think my throat can take it.”

MOST awesome!

very well written! i take my hat off to you!

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