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for Going another Way

10/22 c43 Guest
I like how all the angels have profound meanings then there's just the 6th Angel with Fish
6/21 c43 Anonymousreader4628
amazing just absolute amazing
6/8 c33 TNO
While I like the ending, the battle is rather disappointing. Instead of real desperation/sacrifice from the episode there is a cliche "power of the heart" explanation.
Also why Angel broadcast wasn't blocked by Yui if she is merged into system now?
6/7 c28 TNO
So, do we now have Shodan in Tokyo-3?
6/5 c1 Martrib1
I would like to request the PDF version.
5/15 c1 vK0T1T0vv
I like this story and I would like to view the PDF version
4/22 c44 2merendinoemiliano
Absolutely awesome work.
4/9 c1 TheRealSCP-682
Can I have the PDF please?
4/4 c1 Ayanzoku
May I request for the PDF version?
3/22 c1 Captain Titus Invictus
Read this Fanfic a few times and I freaking love it. Also, you mind sending a copy of the PDF my way?
3/11 c39 WildFlag
This is possibly one of the best Eva. FanFics I've been reading so far. If not a problem, may I please have the PDF versiĆ³n?
1/14 c1 jaeden.dennis
May i have the pdf version please
1/3 c1 Hai Nguyen1
Can i have PDF please?
12/25/2021 c1 ProfGawhite678
Hi. I really like the story being told.

May I receive the PDF copy?
12/13/2021 c44 6SI-x-RA
Love your story. Could I have a PDF version?
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