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12/27/2007 c1 3titanfan45
Excellent one-shot. I truly hated to see it end. I'm adding it to my favorites list. Oh, if you're gonna o.d. on something, The Beatles are a great group to do it on!
7/30/2007 c1 6Raven's Secret
this is an OMG moment. totally. a good OMG. that was so adorable! omg! it was just so cute! they are my favorite couple too, but i could never write them out as good as you just did. this was a great idea for a story as well. bravo. :D
7/8/2007 c1 5FlashDrive
SQUEE! OMG! XD I LOVED this little oneshot...thingy... X3 So sweet... Great job! I loved it!
4/22/2007 c1 1DemonInTheRain
I can't believe that was only ur first! It was totally awesome! Good Job!
4/14/2007 c1 4teentitansraven2
lol, its very cute, I love it. keep up the good work dude. :-P
4/12/2007 c1 nos482
woo now that was interesting, would be kinda cool for a sequel you know give some detail of what he's been doing the last four years.
4/12/2007 c1 Burakku's Shadow
Huh? Uh... Sorry, not a Beatles fan.

But the story, uh... How do I put this technically...?

It radiated brilliance, it showered true emotions, it was pure... Well, one word kinda sums it all up... Fantastic!

It was really good. Rotating more around the comic book version than the tv series' version? That's okay. I know tons of anime that has more relation to the manga version than to the tv version. And other medias with the same basics...

Yeah, I think you get my point.

Maybe I'll read more from you in the near future. 'Kay?

"Burakku" means "dark," and is a DragonYoukai.

Shadow is a HejihogYoukai. Look up "Hejihog" and "Youkai" separately.

BB the Changeling's back! I'm so overjoyed...^-^ "Welcome home, Gar!" *throws confetti*

Ichi, ju, hyaku, sen, Burakku-Sanda! (Invincible Dark-Thunder in Japanese, shortened translation)

~Burakku's Shadow/Manjoume-Enchantress
4/11/2007 c1 Captain in the Galley
"Why don't you just make ten louder, and make that be the top number, and make that a little louder."

"...These go to eleven."
4/9/2007 c1 58beautifulpurpleflame
Darn you! You took the big opening for my newest story! Now I have to go back and alter it so it doesn't look like I'm copying you. Oh well. Good job. ^_^

4/8/2007 c1 Lostnfuzed
:) Aw it was sweet! I like the character development etc. Only criticism (if you can call it criticism, more of a preference)I think the last part with Gar and Rae meeting sounds a little awkward in the present tense.

For example: "She kicked and punched, all the time crying, “Why?” She even picked him up with her powers and smashed him against the ground."

-It just seems a little out of place but it still works fine. Nice story, i'll look out for you more in the future :)
4/8/2007 c1 22RabulaTasa
Let's hope Cyborg doesn't react like Raven did- I don't think Gar could take getting kicked, punched, blasted, AND kissed by him as well!

Very good story- especially for your first attempt at the pair.

4/7/2007 c1 50acosta perez jose ramiro
One of the best BB/Rae's one-shots I've read lately. Great job here.

Keep the good writing.
4/7/2007 c1 29TheSilentShogun
This is a pretty good story. I understand why you made it a one-shot, but, are you sure you want to keep it that way? It's atleast worth a one-shot sequeal.

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