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for Fight! for the Earth!

2/6/2016 c1 ArnieMcGuire335
only autists can come up with this braincell-killing pile of filth
9/17/2007 c6 1princetongirl
loved it update soon
5/9/2007 c3 68CraftyNotepad
I enjoyed your Sayonara no mirai 2121 so much that I decided to give this a read. Your author's notes on characters really helped me make connections through the story. Thanks. After chapter two, I was convinced that the rest of the Disney characters weren't going to be anymore support to Phil than they are in this universe, but chapter three proved me wrong, sort of.

The narration in the story is over powering the dialog, so much so that the speaking parts are becoming trivialized when I read it. Consider having the characters describe things aloud more and the flow of the story might be enhanced.

Looking forward to the following chapters,


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