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6/16/2010 c4 Aaaaaaaall the Irons
That was marvelous~! That sure was a descriptive kiss...I like it~! All the stories I've read just say "their lips met" and then they just go on with the story...I like descriptive kisses...It makes it more romantic...or funny depending on how it happens...I hope you use more descriptive kisses in other stories~! *looks at your other stories*
6/13/2010 c2 Aaaaaaaall the Irons
So dramatic~! :O but I love drama...You probably should have mentioned that Olette was his girlfriend more than once...
7/26/2009 c1 Pocoyo
Kawai! Mou... This story is so cute. The plot is very good! I like that roxas is an uke. Thanks for the story!
2/15/2009 c2 2Dark x Rose13
damn that sucks for roxas but i'm wondering how moving will make the connection with naminé when naminé's in twilight town...

ohwell i guess i'll find out! i love your story it's so cute ^_^
2/14/2009 c1 Dark x Rose13
yay! hehe for some reason, i'm on a naminé and roxas frenzy and two people's fanfics i've read have mentioned you so i'm gonna read this story and some of your other ones ^_^

i read this one first cuz it's complete and i hate waiting for a next chapter...but i'll have to do that eventually. anyways, this story is so cute already i'm almost too excited to type this review to see what happens next =D

i'm really loving it so far, but i have to do homework so, i'll read more later and give you feedback and stuff! i cannot wait =P
12/5/2008 c3 xerrex
Nice, but try to fix up your chapter by using the word check, or get someone to edit it for you, or you could even do it yourself. It'd be a lot better, the story would seem clearer.
10/14/2008 c5 nottomorrowsatan
GAH! I'm so sorry. (It's sweetiepie by the way, you reviewed my story Another Storm Riso x3 changed my name) Anyway im so so so sorry! I told you I was going to read your story and review it and then i never did!


Anywayy this was really cute :3 all of it. ^-^ I liked it :3!

Squee, don't you love sequals? haha im gonna read it tomorrow. :3

Toodle till then :3
5/5/2008 c2 4blackrogue123
Ah, so Roxas's initial girlfriend was Ollette? I didn't realize that until the end of this chapter! ^.^;

Oh well, I'll have faith that evrything will turn out alright...I think...
4/28/2008 c1 blackrogue123
Huh, so this is your second fic? Well, I say it's great! It's certaianly a heck of a lot better than mine was at first before I rewrote a few of the chapters...which is somehting I still need to do in order to correct the lack of fluff early on! 0.0;

Well, I can't wait to finnish this!
4/18/2008 c4 jcola0823
Aw, the ending was so sweet! I luff it :*

You did a fantastic job ending it, and I can't wait to read the sequal!

4/18/2008 c3 jcola0823
yay, Im not confuzzled anymore! This chapter really cleared it up xD *goes to read the next chapter*

(haha Roxas thought that Sora was Gay xD)

4/18/2008 c2 jcola0823
Awesome but it took me till the end of the chapter to find out that his girlfriend was Olette xD wow, I must be extreamly stupid considering how Im such a Roxette fan that I didn't even consider olette at all and I thought it was Namine which no wonder I was confused! xD

Can't wait to read the next chapter!

4/18/2008 c1 jcola0823
Haha, I love embarrasing moments xD

poor roxas *puts a band-aid on his head*

Awesome job! :D

1/23/2008 c2 Kit-Kat-Wafer
yay! another chapter, it's awesome. But didn't you say in the previous chapter that Roxas's mom had died?
1/23/2008 c1 Kit-Kat-Wafer
it's really good so far! it was weird because i was listening to 'Accidentally in Love' haha.
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