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for The Marriage Stone

1/25 c26 3EtenalRest13
Love this chapter. The cure for lycanthropy was such a surprise. And you’re right, it’s strange the wizarding world can mend/grow bones, and preform other forms of incredible healing, but not have a solution for poor eye sight.
1/25 c24 EtenalRest13
You know, upon reread, I always think I’ll skip or skim over the world building exposition scenes. But then, like now, I find myself reading it all over again, just immersed and entertained. It’s a credit to your wonderful writing. I never skip or skim anything upon reread. I think, as you mentioned in your note, that having it from the outsiders perspective was a great choice and what keeps the exposition fresh and interesting.
1/24 c12 EtenalRest13
This chapter reminded me of another reason I love your story. Conversations, events that happen, are so unexpected. A lot of fics follow a bear or pattern, same with tv shows and movies. I don’t really mind that, but when you find something that has its own rhythm, it’s so refreshing and unique and keeps you on your toes. This confrontation is so one of a kind and I love how it even throws Severus for a loop, until it again boils down to Harry and then admitting something very important that they missed. It’s sad and beautiful.
1/24 c10 EtenalRest13
I love Remus.
1/24 c9 EtenalRest13
I love everything you’ve done with Remus and Sirius. There wasn’t enough of these two in the movies. I feel like you’ve really made all of the characters your own. And this may be because I’ve only ever watched the movies, but I was never very much invested in the character of Harry himself. He just seems like some generic hero figure which nothing much to him besides being the boy who lived. You’ve added lovely layers and insight into your Harry and I love this version of him in particular. Also, adore a jealous Snape, even though I do feel bad for him too.
1/24 c7 EtenalRest13
I love this whirlwind of a chapter. Seeing Harry slowly begin to understand somethings is great. Too funny that poor Snape is just so confused through it all and then completely thrown with Harry thanking him at the end.
1/24 c6 EtenalRest13
I really love the scene towards the end of this chapter. It’s always so fun. It’s goes from strained, polite ‘how was you day’, to shouting, to them bonding and reaching an understanding between each other. And over potions no less! So, fun to read.
1/24 c3 EtenalRest13
Always love to get Snape’s thoughts and perspective. I like how you tackle Harry’s abuse. I’ve only watched the movies, so idk if in the books more things like withholding food we’re mentioned, but locking a child in a cupboard is clear abuse and I hadn’t ever even thought anything of it really. Like, not good obviously, but not how truly awful that would be. I like how over time Snape noticed the signs of his past abuse and wants to do better by him.
1/24 c1 EtenalRest13
God, I love this story. Always makes me happy. The reveal is always so fun. I’m over here grinning like a dork, like I haven’t read this story numerous times. The fact that I can come back to this story and smile and laugh and grow tense and worried over and over just proves how well written, and well done it is. The way you expand upon this world, astounds me. Beautiful writing my dear.
1/19 c78 Lexi0521a
I personally have read this story several times. I’ve enjoyed some of the other stories that have branched from where are you stopped. However, your writing style is quite unique, and your imagination seems to have no borders. Just remember, you were writing this story for yourself because you like to write. If someone is ignorant enough to hunt for an excuse, don’t give them the power. You’re too good a writer for that!
1/12 c78 jess02448
So so so so good. One of my favorite FF ever. 1-take care of yourself. 2-please tell me you’re a published author, I will buy everything you write. 3-please give us our happily ever after for these two someday. <3
1/10 c78 3Sarcastic Rain
Hi! I wanna say I'm so so sorry for your loses and I'm sorry people are being jerks as well. If you do wanna continue the story sweet! If not, you health and well being comes first and I totally support you throu that! I do wanna say I love your writing and story though! Your way of telling a story is absolutely captivating!
1/8 c1 1MayaviPanchi
The reason that Harry have to marry is just so stupid.

There are several ways to circumvent that.

Harry could even go to another continent and study there under a disguise till he is 17.

And the thinking capacity of this group is just ridiculous, I mean seriously?
Get married and you will be an adult?

And Potter family is an ancient family hailing back several centuries, why would Harry the last Scion of potter family marry a male?

How would he continue his line?

Every one of your story is garbage.

Please stop writing romantic stories.
1/8 c77 angiejohn

I have just re-read the Marriage Stone again after the longest time.

I want you to know that I immediately remembered why I fell in love with your story when I first read it. The relationships.

I love the relationship you built between Harry, Hermione and Ron. There is no grey. There is only pure love, support and commitment. It is so heartwarming.

I adore how you have written Harry. He has a much more happy, cheeky personality which shines in each of his relationships, particularly with Severus.

Severus and Harry is wonderful. You built their relationship at a perfect pace amongst all the chaos and it is beautiful.

The dialogue is funny, sincere, entertaining and sooooo enjoyable to read.

Whether you continue with this story or have put it aside forever, please know that you have and will continue to fill my heart with joy every time I read it.

I hope you are doing well and had a lovely christmas.

Thank you

1/8 c78 funkichooki
Dear Josephine Darcy. I have read your story numerous times over the last 10 years. It always makes me happy. It always makes me hold my breath. It always makes me cheer. It gives me an escape from my reality when I need it.
I did read one of the AU endings as I so desperately needed closure to the story. But i have to admit the writing in their ending was no where near as captivating as yours. I have followed your story as I hope one day you do come back to it. I have come back time and again and have not grown bored. It is my all time favourite fanfiction.
Thank you for your update, and I am so very sorry for your losses. Your life has been difficult and I hope it has become easier since.
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