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1/22/2009 c5 16accident prone
that was so effin' random
7/26/2007 c5 17Ryna-chan
*blink* *blink* ._.


Er, I'm not the type for complete script-like fics. And the humor...was a bit TOO off the wall. But that's just me, cause I'm an inconsiderate jerk who likes to tell people the bad points of their stories. XD

Um, but the whole idea of bashing couples is pretty funny. Yep, funny concept...And. Uh. Yep.


*runs away laughing like an idiot*

7/25/2007 c5 The Amazing Sono-chan
Wow...that was...facinating...Anyways, you had to put the comic in? That really didn't make much sense...and you're missing some question marks...but for the most was pretty funny ^_^ keep it up!
5/31/2007 c2 kpiddy273
hm... a favorite couple...

lets se...


I have one!

Genis and


5/31/2007 c1 kpiddy273
what happens when a person tries to bash couples in reality shows?

a boat load of robo chicken pirates, followed by drunken flying giraff monkies thats what!


Keep it going!
5/15/2007 c4 5Aiwethryne
Don't worry about not updating for long. I get ultra lazy and don't wanna do anything but play games sometimes. So, don't feel too bad for when you get to updating.

Oh, and the chap was funny in my opinion!
5/4/2007 c1 22phantasiagirl
Haha, I liked that! I'm nnt a yaoi fan though...but yes, MATTHEW IS THE BEST! XD
4/25/2007 c3 You knwo who
do I know the hyper auther? (ignore spelling)i think I do...
4/25/2007 c1 Jordan
it was the best I have ever read!
4/24/2007 c3 Sono-chan
OMG! I have to say...that's just awesome! I bet you that 60% of the people reading your story don't get several of the jokes, but that is ok...but you have to make a Sain reference...I dunno why...

Make sure you do a Zelloyd chapter...that should be interesting...ha ha...
4/24/2007 c1 2Iceskatecraze
Hi Cheea! Guess who! I will give you a hint! Your older sister is my bestest buddy in the world! Still haven't guessed? alterego is none other then...dum da da dum! Kent! If you guessed Abbyza Momochi, you would be correct! Anyone else, and you would be wrong. Anyway, nice story, even though I don't get most of it! See you soon!

Iceskatecraze AKA Abbyza Momochi
4/23/2007 c3 4anarin
Hi dearie,

Alerts have been down (or at least I haven't been getting them). So, I ahven't gotten any review replies, review alerts, or PMs.

Anyway this one was pretty good, a few things though:

"viscous" - you probably mean "vicious". Viscous means a thick, heavy liquid.

"Dominic banshee" - you mean demonic banshee?

And I don't suppose I'll get away without recommending a couple, and you KNOW I like Yuan/ my fault if noone writes it.)
4/23/2007 c3 5Aiwethryne
I found one spelling problem. Straight. Yup, that's how it's spelled. Anyhoo... (goes back to her MWAHAHA-ing)
4/23/2007 c1 Aiwethryne
! ...(cough)
4/15/2007 c2 11Noc and NC
"Also, isn’t it weird that she is sorta older then you sorta younger then you?" That just made me LAUGH. I thought I was all laughed out after watching that TMoHS epsiode, but that line proved me wrong.

Any hoo, any hoo, I'm certin your speech centered happenings is all to go with the fact that this is something of a parody/humor/basher/jacked up story type thing- I obviously can't think of good discriptions at 12:09, makes me wonder how I'm going to work on that art project- oh, crap, forgot about that...

But back to the topic, I particularily like that pairing of Shelos. It can also be called Zeena or Sheenos, But Shelos I like the best, in short, the Zelos/Sheena pairing- and that's the only one that has provocked me to put a ToS story in my favorites section, dispite the fact that I've never played the game...That pairing makes me think awsome things. Awsome... fanfictiony things.

I rant the most when I'm tired. Terribly sorry. But nice story! Hope I see my voted pairing in there somewhere.
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