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7/16/2013 c3 olliebella
great story xx
7/14/2009 c3 8hopeisabluebird
Wow. This story is really, really good. I've only just begun getting into Miami, and most of the fics I've read have only been so-so. This is an absolutely brilliant look into the psychology of the team. Extremely well-done. I'm not sure if this story is complete or not (sorry! forgot to look), but if you continue to write more, I will be happy. :o)
4/7/2008 c3 76speedfanatic05
As always, your writing never fails to floor me. Every word is beautifully written, thought out wholly and excuted with precision. The emotion is there too, almost unwavering as they all focus in on Eric in his time of need.

It didn't surpise me that Alexx would be the one to stand watch, or that Calleigh would be the one to give hope, but the one that took my attention and refused to give up was Natalia. Even though they had a fling, she resolves to be unheard and unseen. It's her punishment for her betrayal, I suppose. Awesome reflection of how she views herself in post One of Our Own, even though she has worked to overcome.

I loved this line:

"Last November, Natalia would have been there waiting for him to wake up, office gossip be damned. Last November: before she’d started over from the bottom, before he’d looked at her with resentment and a clear accusation of betrayal, deaf to any other explanation.

And when she hears that his mind’s still stuck in last November, all she can think is that she’ll betray him once more."

Natalia will always be harder on herself than others will be.

Excellent work!
7/23/2007 c2 74daxy
great! more please=D
7/23/2007 c2 73Duckie Nicks
Yay! Finally, LOL. I know I should be more sympathetic to the whims of writing, but alas, I've been eager for an update for a while. And I was surprised, but thrilled, to see that you finished the chapter.

Clearly this was worth the wait. It feels completely in character, and not your average character-gets-hurt fic. I love how you tied Speed back into the whole thing. The line that kills me is "You both took bullets for Horatio, are you even now? Are you the favorite?" It's something that harkens back to the first season with Speed. But it's so biting here. I really loved it.

Seriously, this is just absolutely lovely, and I wish my lame comments could do it any justice.
7/22/2007 c2 76speedfanatic05
As always, I stand in awe of your work. I'm truly done away with the emotion you have etched into this story, and the constant reminders of all that everyone has lost and of course the feeling of not quite being there in Eric's instance.

I thought it very awesome that he fills his mind with thoughts of Marisol, as well as with Speed, even dueling out with himself about the ramifications of his best friend's death. The part where he was comparing himself to Speed's ultimate sacrifice was done beautifully. Everything here, was done in excellence. You describe his state in the best words possible, and I feel as if he is representing that in the show as well. He truly is in limbo.

Excellent, simply excellent!
4/12/2007 c1 8bookwrangler

Good to see you in action again! Great imagery. Loved the last line (even if it's heartbreaking.) Great catch of Clavo's attitude. I really, really enjoyed your dance through Horatio's mind. As always, looking forward to the next chapter. Thank you!
4/11/2007 c1 73Duckie Nicks
This is a wonderful start. You've really captured both Horatio and Clavo as characters overall.

Let me quote, "Clavo Cruz does not fit any stereotype. He maims and murders at will, neither shaken by the bodies nor fascinated with controlling their lives. He does not fancy himself God, but behaves as if the people around him are toys, easily battered and tossed aside when it suits him. It’s casual, and he’s proud of it." - So perfectly put. It definitely rings true from the first time we saw him in season 2.

I think the line that just hits it home for me is the one that ends with, "who may or may not still be breathing when (if) he finds her." Too many times, I feel like the show and fanfiction writers alike make Horatio a superhero-like character with no doubts at all. Here, it's included in a magnificently understated way that still feels so... right for Horatio and all we know about him.

Can't wait to read more.
4/11/2007 c1 76speedfanatic05
What can I say? Reading this inspires me completely, yet hinders me because it's so damn good! I loved your interpretation of the episode-it's one that actually follows along my own. Every thing was clear , concise, and the imagery wow, the imagery was outstanding.

Your characterization of Horatio was spot on, the fact that he relished being in control only because he actually needs it instead of being like the many foes that he has taken down with their quests to maniuplate to their pleasure, was something that I loved reading about. Horatio's control is his life force. Excellent description.

There were so many passages that I simply adored, I could really keep reading them... This was my fave though:

"This, his gun, is power. He has control over direction and trigger, and rarely does it fail him. He plays cautionary defense until he spots the glint of a second sniper in a rearview mirror, crouches and takes aim. With perfect precision, the man tumbles. Routine work, doling out another death."

It's Horatio at his finest!

Excellent work, Stevie, as always. I will be waiting with bated breath for the next installment!
4/11/2007 c1 3Lerrinus
OMG this is an amazing look into Horatio's mind during the episode, great work!
4/10/2007 c1 30randomwriting
Really nicely done. I always enjoy your wonderful way with words, the way they flow effortlessly across the page and leave me enriched by what I've read. Your opening paragraph was very strong and proved, once more, what a solid grasp you have on Horatio. And not only on Horatio, but also his complicated relationship with Clavo - as illustrated here -

'...not only is he under a murderer’s thumb, but that murderer is possessed of a serenity that makes him difficult to combat.'

and here -

'Here there is no reciprocating anger to latch onto, and this frustrates him.'

Two other sentences of note -

'...where that word “hero” flickers uncomfortably across his thoughts.'

This is something I would love to see further explored. What does Horatio really think about his savior and hero antics? We never see him put the savior/hero mantle down on the job, yet in his personal life , not so much success.

And the second (and more disturbing) -

'Routine work, doling out another death.'

This is something that begs to be examined. His body count is quite high. I suspect that comes with a price.

Good to see something new from you.

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