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6/11/2014 c2 Guest
This is really good! Syaoran's giant mood swings are so funny, if possible, please keep updating!
8/1/2013 c2 Just a reader
This is really interesting. I hope to be reading more. Thanks
4/21/2011 c2 1Liley
4/21/2011 c1 Liley
omfg XD Hilarous
5/8/2009 c2 EchizenRyoma
this story has definitely caught my attention. its interesting. i was looking for plots like these. syao being the boss and saku being the secretary. also w/ eriol & tomoyo around. i am looking forward to the rest.
4/28/2009 c2 Shubhs
Wow!I really liked the story!Especially the part where Sakura is surprised by the swear words!Its so cute!XD :P :)
2/11/2009 c2 7QuickStar
hehe love it XD

sorry I don't have much to say

beside "WHY haven't you updated" and

I am looking forward to your next update

~JA Ne~

12/16/2008 c2 ShaoranXSakura1350
great story plz put episode 3 up
1/14/2008 c2 petiteTRINH
love it!


so cute and naieve ^.^
12/26/2007 c2 psycho-pyro-shrink
man, some of the speech was really formal which made my eyes spin BUT it was great it really set the atmosphere! and it was a really good chapter too!
12/24/2007 c2 derderxp
love it hurry and update !
12/22/2007 c2 1bluestarmanga
This story os really good.

please update as soon as you can
12/22/2007 c2 2xXblackDragonXx18
! I'm glad u finally updated I thought u forgot bout the story ! Lol well great chapter and great story I love it !

Please update soon =)

Luv xXblackDragonXx
12/21/2007 c2 9Moonlight Petal
Update soon!
12/21/2007 c2 1jdjdjdjdjdjdjdjd
this is really, really good! so please get off your lazy butt and update soon! lol just joking!
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