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4/7 c36 Guest
God damn it naruto
3/29 c2 Sinless
Embarrassingly shit.
3/16 c30 MelancholyNaz
not enough I need more of team anko... they need their own story... please make it happen... so amazing and addictive...
2/28 c34 FriendlyFire59
That's the ticket, leave an army of insane clones as a distraction and to do the stuff you would be expected to do while you hit the beaches. It will work great...until the clones decide they want to hit the beach.
2/28 c31 FriendlyFire59
That guy is going to be able to eat and drink for free until he dies. The Accidental Instructor has been fun, thanks.
2/28 c29 FriendlyFire59
I've only seen a couple of stories where a secondary character time jumps and starts changing things, I think they're a little more fun than when main characters do.
2/28 c27 FriendlyFire59
It was a fun story line, thanks for post what you did.
2/28 c17 FriendlyFire59
2/28 c16 FriendlyFire59
Kakashi being tortured by children, Anko being a cheerful sadistic (female of the canine type), and misunderstandings causing hilarity, what's not to like?
2/28 c15 FriendlyFire59
This was a fun rewrite and knowing how to motivate your people is a key management skill.
2/28 c10 FriendlyFire59
Super team, Rock Lee x24 and Naruto solid clones, their opponents will either be beaten into submission or run screaming from the insanity.
2/28 c9 FriendlyFire59
Maybe it's the chakra use that make's most of them sex mad.
2/28 c8 FriendlyFire59
Seems like Anko is a fun character for when you need to be really off the wall.
2/28 c6 FriendlyFire59
Revenge is sweet and that is one hell of a dating technique.
2/28 c3 FriendlyFire59
Never threaten someone's true love!
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