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5/5/2008 c9 17Toriano.Flacko
uhm... are you going to update? cause I really liked where you were going with this. Truly, besides the GORE part. I mean, bringing in a new villain only to have him mutilated to the extreme one chapter later? I never do get what is with writers and such VIOLENCE. Br. Anyway, update soon, or you will wishing it WAS the AIDs that killed you...
4/24/2008 c2 Whatever
Too bad your disrespect in your author's notes disgusted me so much that I had to stop reading your story that was unoriginal and plotless to begin with. Grow up retard.
4/14/2008 c9 Storyreader16
Nicely done, I would hope you update soon.
1/17/2008 c9 warprince2000
That was one of the best Chapters I have ever read, can't wait to see what happens next (update soon plz)
1/15/2008 c9 myrthill
great story! there is not much BBRae this good out there ^^

about those metal mens, if they are indeed with STAR wouldn't they call first tell the Titans that they can't hold Gar any longer? they are allies right? barged in like that (if, like I said they are a real STAR agent) the Titans can sue them back right? 'cos if they are in legal arrest shouldn't they show off their badge to Cyborg and Starfire first before they start fighting, maybe they will be less hostile, and maybe show the letter of arrest to Dick? if I'm not mistakenly read they only state their purpose and show their badge to Dick and not a single piece of paper.

or is it done that way in the superhuman world?

anyway, great story, hope you'll update soon :)
1/15/2008 c9 spedclass
Kick*ss chapter!
1/15/2008 c9 Kiwimon's Tamer
I've read so many stories recently that I forgot what happened in this one, but I remember now. Still good.
1/15/2008 c9 2Ma.anda
This chp was really good. Rae and BB was so cute together, D'aw! What freaks are coming to get BB now, they seemed just... evil if you ask me. Im proud to say that I understood everything in this chp even though im swedish the only part I didnt fully get was in the beginning when you where are oldfashion and rude/insulting (yeah I got that much XP)

Im eagerly waiting for the next chp.

1/15/2008 c9 28TheUtsukushiiYume
Great chappie, but whats gonna happen with the other dudes? can't waait till thenext chapie!
1/14/2008 c9 Captain in the Galley
Kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri...
1/13/2008 c5 AARON WILEY
1/11/2008 c8 20Jocelyn Torrent
Strange, I've read this story before but can't imagine why I didn't review it because frankly... It's Awesome. :)

I really like your physical and emotional descriptions and the story never really has a dull moment.

Having said that though, I must add some critique. Throughout the entire story, you seem to leave words/letters out and it makes it really difficult to stay absorbed in the story. It's like watching a really intense movie in the movie theater and right at the most intense part, some fat guy stands up in front of you and yawns. (Haha how was that simile?) But given that you are human, when you go back to edit the story (assuming that you do) you won't catch the mistakes because you know what's supposed to be there. Reading it backwards actually helps, or just having someone edit it for you.

Aside from that though, this is a really, really, unique and interesting story and I hope that you update it soon!

12/26/2007 c8 1Turtle's Chopsticks
Merry Christmas!

I enjoyed that twist you threw in about the linking. I have read of similar links in other stories both published and not, but they don't seem as solid as yours does. Yours seems like something that is eternal and streaches through the mire of the mind. I can't wait to see what you do with that.

I also want to know what else happens inside BB's head. It seems so different from the last time and that makes me wonder. I also want to know what happens between the S.T.A.R guys and the titans.

So many questions and so few answers. Can you make the next chap a new years gift? Please? It would make my year for a chap to be a gift bringing in the year.

GreyBlue Angel
12/22/2007 c2 Kiwimon's Tamer
I love how your story is going.

I've only read two chapters, but you freaked me out, so I decided to post a review now for my safety.

Still a good story though.
12/15/2007 c8 1GreenMartian777
I really liked that, the detail was really good and I thought the way you described the inside of his mind was really original. Like how memories looked and how they struck him so hard they incapacitated him. It was just really good.

The only part was it was a little confusing sometimes. At the very end I wasn't sure if they kissed or not, and some other stuff I had to read twice. Still, it was very good. Everyone was pretty well in character.

Update soon


PS Sorry it took so long to review
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