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for The Ties That Bind: Friendship, Trust and Love?

6/30/2019 c1 tatiya076
I will wait you work guy
11/29/2014 c4 2Lucas123
Impressive, hope you continue this story
9/13/2010 c6 Sasuke Rules All of You
Man what a terrible story. I can see why you haven't updated it in over three years. Seriously, this is how you write? The characters have zero development and are completely ooc. The plot is a confusing mess. And I've never read a story in which the characters name is listed in every single line just to identify who is talking. Like all the readers out there are stupid and wouldn't know who was talking without your help. Oh yeah, pretty gutless of you to send out pm's spouting your hypocritical garbage while at the same time disabling your pm so people can't respond back. I'd like to say I'm surprised, but I'm not. You truly are the stereotypical Nar/Sak fan who think it's alright to express their own opinions about a story. But denies that same right to anyone who expresses an opinion that doesn't agree with yours about a story and you feel the need to call them out and attack them for it publicly, truly pathetic.
5/7/2010 c6 pinoyboi1
Please Update this is really good please don't discontinue you this this is awesome I want to know what else happen after he blackout
8/22/2009 c1 11theREDCODE
lxn the best keep up
7/2/2007 c6 21NefertariNami
This story is pretty cool. You should add more LxN and update soon!
5/19/2007 c6 1Shijiro
hi there

i like ur story so far but im still waiting for a new chapter

hope it comes soon
5/13/2007 c6 2wheathermangohanssj4
well the story was still good even after the other chapters with Sanji/Nami. Altough that 1 year time skip seems a little exsesive.

5/13/2007 c1 wheathermangohanssj4
I have to say that this is a good story so far and normaly i do not Review if there are still chapters to go but this story started out to good to let a latter distion pprevent me frome telling you so. I am about as far from a Sanji/anyone fan thier is I just don't see him getting anyone he is as far from being gay as you can get so all the Yoai parrings with him don't make sense. I also don't think that Robin or Nami would be with him Both have so little experance with Romance I doubt that they would setale for the playboy cook. I don't like the way he treats woman he is about as sexest as you can get. this was a great opening and i hope it stays that way
5/11/2007 c6 3he who fell from grace
very good story

try to update soon
5/3/2007 c6 5The Animaniac Dude
dammit, what're you gonna do to luffy! if you hurt him somehow, i am going to track you down and kick your ass as hard as sanji could, do you hear me! i'll murder you if you murder him!
5/1/2007 c6 6Flacacelecr13
and? i am waiting so log for the next! please hurry! i want to read, i want to read! i like so much this story!
4/24/2007 c6 6Uncle Joe
DUDE BRILLIANT totally suspenseful...and a personal thank you for cutting of the Sanji Nami pairing so fast. I know i was for plot but i just hate that guy. Ps thanks for ur tidbits of advice on my story
4/23/2007 c6 12elyon14340
Aw., I wonder what will the crew do., and who's that Captain.

Please continue. My curiosity drives me insane ^_^
4/22/2007 c6 James Dean
Continue. This is looking pretty good.
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