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for Bright End Of Nowhere

11/19/2008 c1 33Charmina
And now I AM crying! God, that was so bloody sad! Great writing and all but now I can't stop the tears from falling. I feel so bad for both of the boys. I wonder what happened when Dean finally woke up, guess he won't be so thrilled with Sam's desicion..?

Your are a really wonderful writer and since this is the third review I've dropped of tonight you should take that as evidence. I'm normally a bit crappy when it comes to leaving reviews. But your writing is just so good that I have to tell you! I totally love it, you are so going on my fav-list ^^
8/29/2007 c1 jenilee
That was a really nice peek into Sam's head. I like that you gave a little insight for Sam's leaving. It's nice to read something that doesn't have Sam's reasons for leaving coming off as selfish and that maybe he too would think of looking out for Dean just as Dean has done for him. Anyway I enjoyed this. Thanks :)
4/16/2007 c1 luckyme
No offense but Sam giving up and Sam leaving is so overdone. Can't Sam do anything else but whine over his destiny and leave Dean? How about, Sam learns to fight his destiny with his brother Dean and stops breaking Dean's heart by leaving him all the time and stops giving up and learning to fight.
4/16/2007 c1 8AmesLuvsTheMetallicar
This was really really well written i loved it.

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