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6/22/2008 c1 18redandyellowmarshandmellow
That was really, good. wasnt sure about the kiss. freaked me out a little as im not really a fan of wincest! but was really good, made me cry laughing at parts GOOD JOB! :D
4/27/2008 c1 girlfan1979
Wonderful story, thank you!
3/17/2008 c1 1CrimsonKitty88
/mouth falls open/ Holy crap. HELL of an ending. Loved it. LOL! I loved this story as well. Everything from Dean's obsession with Bonanza to Sam trying not to take advantage of his brother. Great.
12/20/2007 c1 JazzyIrish
I loved this! It was so friggin' funny, I laughed delightfully through all of it. Dean on a verbal high, what more could you ask for? Just loved the Bonanza ramblings - more information on that show than I thought anyone knew ;) And the Beatles' lyrics - priceless. But I really loved how amidst the humor, you threw in a line about John - Dean's sad/angry memories and Sam's leaving for Stanford - and took us out of the laughter and into the heart-tugging world. The world of Sam Winchester wanting to know how Dean feels, his inner emotions that he won't expose.

Loved the trickster's line to Sam in this - giving him the clue how to end Dean's rambling. Quite a resolution there, too! Actually, I thought it was very fitting, and about time Sam gave something back to Dean. Whether or not Dean appreciated it, well, that's another fic...

Fabulous job with this. This was so fantastically creative - where did you ever come up with all the crazy things Dean says? I haven't met your trickster yet, so I guess I better start at the bottom of your homepage and work my way up ;) Thanks for sharing this with us. It was a real treat. Until next time...
12/1/2007 c1 2Ditzyleo
Haha! Loved it all. Great idea and really funny at times. Good job!
10/10/2007 c1 82Tari Roo
My mom is a huge Bonanza fan and on the odd occassion when she watches her DVDs of it, I get a brief glimpse in an old world, that despite the really arb plots, iffy acting and well, general way-dated-tv-land-ness, I can't help but feel just a little nostalgic and mourn the loss of something ... good. Hell, the show is older than me and I'm waxing lyrical over something I've seen maybe an entire episode of : )

But that same feeling, of watching an different era, both the actual era depicted and the decade the show was made in, the sense of something lost ... I had the same feeling while reading this fic.

The idea of giving back, of restoring, of trying to make amends almost it was just so touching. I'm glad you had Sam come to that realisation, a better understanding perhaps of his relationship with Dean.

And what can I say, it was flipping funny and yet so so bittersweet. You get another 'Damn, Woman!' - that was good.

Off to read DNR now : )
8/15/2007 c1 12Rebel Goddess
It's classic Dean to be loud about getting laid, find them a Bonanza themed motel and run out of Nevada bars. Dean not being able to stop talking and better still using the word "Schadenfreude" had me grinning so much. I figured Sam was going to regret getting Dean to talk about something other than baseball stats. There are so many lines in this that made me laugh. The pushmepullyou was just one of my favourites. I was slightly surprised Dean didn't bite down on Sam's tongue. Excellent story with a great shocking ending.
8/8/2007 c1 79gaelicspirit
Don't ask my why because I won't have an answer that will satisfy either of us, but I've been afraid of you. I've heard so many wonderful things about your writing from people whom I respect and admire and my significant insecurity got the best of me and I hid. Last week I attended Kazcon in my hometown of Lawrence, KS, and a writer there by the name of Evesong sang an amazing song she had written that was inspired by your story "Red"... my curiosity grew, and then my friend November's Guest gently prodded me your way with a link to this fic and suggested I start small.

I laughed my ass off the whole why through this story and wasn't a bit surprised with the solution for the wish/curse. In fact, I think I wanted it to happen, and I am in no way a fan of slash or wincest (not that *that* was your intention... I get that it wasn't). But the verbal hemmorage of thoughts and feelings simply pouring from Dean were actually beginning to hurt as much as humor me and I found myself chanting to Sam just stop it, just do something, just figure it out, College Boy. And when he did, I gasped, then smiled, finally relieved.

I know I am quite literally nothing to you - not even a blip on your radar - but I've been introduced to your style and see that it is not something to fear, rather, it is something to be admired, enjoyed, and relished with the kind of passion that keeps all fanfic writers and readers enthralled. Reading your work doesn't mean I'll cease being able to be creative just because I've read someone who writes as fantastically as you do (see, I told you, Significant Insecurities); it simply means that there is someone out in the world like you who is gracious enough to bestow your brilliance on us and entertain us so that we can laugh at the images you convey and weep with the emotions you envoke.

Thanks for that.

By the way? Robert Conrad? I agree - except for the blue eyes, he could have been JDM's brother. I fell for him in the 80's with the short-lived "High Mountain Rangers"... 'course I watched more for his son, Shane, but, well, there you go.

I will read more as life allows.
8/5/2007 c1 31sams1ra
Loved it. Well, till the kiss part. That felt... a little wierd. Off. But I liked the idea and all the references to your other stories.
8/3/2007 c1 4loriimonsterr
im almost speechless. almost.

this is one of those oneshots i managed to stumble upon and walk away from without grating my jaw from lack of excitement or variety of emotions. the banter was excellent, pure genius, and amusingly, but oh so infinitely not funny, true to the way one's extremely overworked and unoccupied brain can get(times ten). i absolutely love the way Dean could not for the love of god hold back whatever it was that came to his head. it had me laughing one minute, blushing the next, and covering my mouth, guilty for laughing about how he could be forced to say the things he never wanted to remember in the first place.

and that right there is what makes this amazing.

youre an amazing writer.

this was easily one of the best sn fanfics ive ever read, and definitely the most original; i really, really wasnt expecting that ending(though the part of me that longs for a J/J relationship cant help but giggle at the mental image) and even though it was an uncomfortable thing to venture into, you wrote it quite well. silence was indeed the only answer.

i would continue with the review but i do believe id babble off into the west somewhere between season eight and twelve of bonanza. parents were fans. ah the unfortunate memories this brought up. [ is forcing left hand away from keyboard ]

great, great job!
7/5/2007 c1 21Shannz
This is one of those fics that I clicked on having no idea what to expect and had the pleasure of being thoroughly and splendidly surprised at the content.

This was such a great read. Dean's running commentary was so wonderfully done and so FUN to read. Too many times to count did I burst out laughing. You really manage to capture the quicksilver thought process that I imagine him to have. I could have 'listened' to him go on and on for hours - though I started to feel for the poor boy as his throat became raw and while he continued to talk in his sleep.

As someone else said I really applaud your writing of Sam here. At first I thought dean really WAS going to spill his guts and we'd get to read it. Then it soon became clear how much doing so would really cost him. I'm so glad that Sam is as tuned into his brother as he is and is so ethical on top of that. It really would have damaged their relationship I think if he had taken advantage of the opportunity presented.

Loved it when Sam put his hand over Dean's mouth - everytime. His amusement at first was adorable. Lots of wonderful insights into Dean. Don't know why put his purposeful seeking of outgrageous motels to see if John would notice just really touched me.

As for the ending...loved, LOVED the kiss. Nice imagery to be sure. But...I think I missed the correlation that Sam made to end up at that conclusion. Not that i'm complaining - i just usually can follow an authors reasoning and I missed a beat here.

Anyways - lovely. I read Red too and will review when I can. It deserves more than a hey! good job, I loved it - so i'll make time to let you know exactly what I enjoyed about it as soon as I can :)

6/30/2007 c1 5Motherlyclucker
HAhA! This is the second time i'm reading this and I love it even more!
6/16/2007 c1 heather03nmg
“Are you saying that it’s my curse?”

Could be. You ever wish Dean would tell you stuff, open up a little?

Oh man. Sam kept his eyes on Dean, who had come three steps closer, head cocked to the side, trying to get a sip of coffee in between the wisps of verbiage. “Yeah. I’ve said it half a hundred times in the last week alone.”

Loved the story and the twist that it was Sam that cursed his brother all because Dean wasn't able to give him what he needs.

Dean's thoughts were silly and pointless at times but always buried in there were his true feelings of pain and loss...I love how everything always circled back to his dad.

I was also happy to see that as much as Sam wanted to take advantage of Dean's plight because he wants so desperately to see whats inside his brother, he stops Dean from talking knowing that he would be violating his brother, stealing what Dean doesn't want to share.

"For Dean to trust him enough to tell him. For Dean to open up, for him to show Sam what was inside.

What would it feel like to truly give that?

The kiss Sam gave him was long and shocking, as it was meant to be. He had to make it count, had to invest it with all the warped longing and suppressed emotion that cloaked everything Dean did. Sam had to give it back.

So I read some reviews to this story and I was surprised at the reaction to the kissing scene. I didn't feel that you were going for Wincest or anything other than pure brotherly love.

Sam needed to break the curse on his brother, a curse that was supposed to bare Dean's soul and open him up for Sam to see...Dean's shields had been stripped away and Sam had to give it all back and he did with a kiss comprised of all that his brother had lost.

I have to admit the kiss was unexpected and I needed to reread the scene a few times to fully understand that what had been lost needed to be returned. I think that scene was beautifully and cleverly written and I hope that I understood it as you had intended.

I absolutely love this story and especially for getting a peek into Dean's soul...I love that you just gave us glimpses and didn't allow us to see everything because part of the reason why we love Dean is that he's such a mystery, a puzzle to solve and I'm not ready to have all the secrets revealed.

You are a brilliant writer and this was an amazing story. Thanks!
6/16/2007 c1 18Hanz the Bunny
Okay, so this was hilarious, and I thought you kept them in character very well, but I really do NOT get the ending at all, Walt Disney leads to Sam wanting to make out with his brother? I honestly wished there wasn't wincest in here (mostly cuz I think it's wrong and gross) but I'm not going to rag on you for that because it was still a wonderfully written story.

But please, explain the ending! I'm so confused. :(

6/14/2007 c1 49Supernoodle
That was excellent. Clever, unusual and thoughtful. The dialogue (and what a lot of dialogue), was spot on. You really managed to keep Dean in character.

Well done!
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