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5/28/2007 c1 13JennK528
When you first posted this, I made the mistake of starting it before I had to go to work. And realized I wasn't going to be able to finish reading it, and then I did a bad thing - I skimmed it. Which is a *very* bad thing to do to such a good author as yourself, and such a wonderful story. I apologize.

So I just (freakin' finally!) went back and read it this morning, and it's just as brilliant as I knew it would be, when I got around to reading *all* of the words...

Funny, and painful, and oh so exquisite, and oh, Dean, you break my heart, and Sam, there to break the curse. Oh, boys.

I love your writing. I'm so glad you are generously bestowing your talent on creating SN stories. Thank you!
5/20/2007 c1 brighette
Somehow missed this one. I loved it, though I'm one of those who found the ending confusing. Here's my understanding - am I right? Basically, like in the stories, you break a curse with a kiss (frog prince, sleeping beauty, etc), so that's why Sam did it? Or was it Wincest? Because it came out of the blue and I'll admit to scratching my head and rereading it a few times.

Anywho, still great job! If Dean really did have to spill his guts, I think you captured what he would say. And I loved Sam's curiosity but respect. Dead on.
5/9/2007 c1 5Izzy4
I loved your original approach to the age old Supernatural Fanfiction problem - how do you get Dean to talk/open up to Sam but remain in character?

I normally approach 'humorous' pieces with caution but this one made me smile in all the right places. You managed to built in the tension of the initially amusing ailment becoming a debilitating curse very well.

I like my brotherly love to stop short of Wincest, so the ending was OOC from my point of view, but I can see how it worked within the overall plot.

An excellent story. Thanks for posting it here.

4/27/2007 c1 15November'sGuest
Oh, Lord. I am dense aren't I. I re-read the ending and re-read it, but I'm not sure I quite "get" it. It had to be a reciprocal gift, right? So, what it would be like for Dean to tell Sam all the words he wanted to hear was the same as Sam giving Dean a kiss? But, why? Was the point that one of them longed to kiss the other because they had those kinds of longings? I feel so stupid asking, but I really want to know.

Okay, totally was laughing out loud, making my hubby give me dirty looks and all...even rolled his eyes once and said my name in a 'please don't act so silly' manner. But some of that stuff was darn funny stuff.

But, man, that truly would be curse, especially for someone like Dean. I think you captured that and Sam's sympathy/guilt really well.

Good job, very entertaining and at the same time what great insight into the boys...sorry I'm so thick that I messed up the ending, lol.

4/25/2007 c1 98bjxmas
Wow! Complete? I don't think so...I want to know what happens next? Please!

I kept thinking of Siman Said when Dean couldn't control what he thought. Picturing Jensen again portraying that angst and non-control, plus your excellant Dean ramblings made this story so funny, insightful, and engrossing.

I loved all the flashbacks to the western TV shows and Dean's wayward thoughts. I'd really like more, especially some insight into what did happen after Sam left. What did go on between John and Dean. Irismay42 again recommended this story and kinda let me know the shocker at the end, I just assumed it was a John thing so you did still shock me. Great job as usual. Take care, B.J.
4/23/2007 c1 15carocali
So much to love about this piece! I love the on-going temptations of Sam to delve deeper into this brother's brain. And so many wonderful pieces of dialogue and snips into their lives:

"I once heard that they have a bunch of bison horns left over from the big hunts in the 1870s, but that’s bullshit. Think they’d keep crap like that? Doubt it. Tatanka,” and he curled his fingers into little horns on either side of his head like in that Costner movie. "

I almost did a spit-take on that one. I was a HUGE fan of Tatanka. Great callback

"Looks more like a cochlea in the book. Yours looks like that big snail from Doctor Doolittle. The musical, not the one with Eddie Murphy. I liked that musical. And the pushme-pullyou. I always imagined you and Dad like that thing, both pulling away and going round in circles because you two were too fucking stubborn for words."

LOVED that! The pushme-pullyou is a great analogy for Sam and John's relationship.

I have this love for Bobby as well. The character is really the father figure type the boys deserved. He's still rough and gruff, but there is a softer side to him that truly loves these boys. And I love the way you write him.

He also has this keen ability to separate himself from the situation. I loved how they did the trickster episode on the show and how they needed Bobby's cunning to cut through the BS of it. Again, he comes through.

And then, poor Sam. All he wanted was for Dean to open up, and that damn trickster gave him his wish - ten-fold! The morality kicked in and he realized the gift he had would undo his brother. I guess he gave a little back there as well.

And then the kiss! If you're gonna break a curse...

Charming and witty. Another wonderful read!


4/22/2007 c1 36SciFiNutTX
Still laughing over that one! Great job! Adding to Haha!
4/22/2007 c1 108mcatB
I want to know what kind of curse YOU were under! LOL! All that Bonanza folklore and little tidbits of trivia... I loved it! Poor Dean... This was lots of fun. Thanks!
4/21/2007 c1 6IheartPadalecki
Ek I loved this ;D
4/21/2007 c1 EagleGirl6
I had an incredibly long review typed out praising all the building intimacy you put into this, but I wasn't logged in when I hit the button, and poof it was gone... So, I love the forehead to forehead part, belly button cutting part, returning OCs, pin prick, singing along with whatever, and what an ending!

Very cool, thank you:)

4/18/2007 c1 HAP
Wow - at first I thought it was hilarious, but then it just got so sad - you know, like when you cringe in embarassment for someone (I do it for people in tv shows and movies all the time).

“Hey, maybe he is, maybe he’s sitting in a sound booth in Hell and the yellow-eyed Demon has a little camcorder somewhere in the Impala and Dad’s just writhing in agony, hearing me going on and on about him.”

See? Right there...poor Dean! I hope Sam learnt his lesson about trying to get Dean to open up! Always love the way you write them - hope you've got more little stories for us to see in the future!
4/18/2007 c1 adara13
Ok, so when the first sentence makes me giggle childishly so my roommate gives me a funny look, I think that's a good sign.

Gah! You have such a way with word pictures-everything is always related with stories and comparisons and...it just always has the simultaneous effect of making me laugh and making me really able to picture it. Also, is it sad that I really want to see the real Dean make horns for himself with his fingers? Of course, knowing the show, it's entirely possible that I might actually get my wish... You know, seeing as Sam was planning on becoming a lawyer, you'd think he'd have more sympathy with the Trickster's fun with semantics...

So, twisting the whole "make them TALK" idea into this wonderful...eh, I'm going to call it fairytale, well, it was brilliant. I was laughing at the beginning at the idea but by the end you made so sad about it-the idea of being that vulnerable and out of control, especially for Dean... I expected it to be funny all the way through, and then you got all DEEP on me. The nerve! Of course, now I have a manic voice running through MY head because I'm susceptible like that. (also, I just noticed that one of the categories for this story is "supernatural" which made start laughing again b/c I'm pathetic like that...)

Anyway, I really liked the story a lot, and I think it wasn't just Sam who realized maybe there can be too much of a good thing!
4/17/2007 c1 8ParallelVerse
Oh, BigPink, only you could take a request for a story where Dean and Sam talk to each other and turn it into...this. Apart from the fact that your creativity appears to know no bounds and that you have a deliciously twisted mind, you manage to get to the heart of things Winchester without spewing bathos or 'splaining until the reader's head is so stuffed there is no room for an original thought or interpretation of his or her own. By which I mean to say that I may not understand exactly what you are getting at all the time, but I get what I get viscerally and it opens up my head rather than shutting it down.

"For once, giving." Now that struck a chord with me because of some things I have been thinking about lately with regard to Sammy. Namely, that he is, through absolutely no fault of his own, what you might best describe as spoiled. Circumstances, and John, with Dean's willing connivance, have made Sam the center of Dean's universe. It is humanly impossible to avoid taking that sort of thing for granted, or taking advantage of it-at least until other circumstances finally make it possible to recognize it. Doesn't diminish the love or assuage the guilt, but makes it possible to fail to recognize the essential selfishness of the desire for full openness and disclosure. Dean has given up some of himself to Sam over time, albeit painfully, and will probably give more, especially since his faith in Sam, while not blind, is boundless and he could ultimately forgive Sam for anything except dying. But it can't be forced or coerced and retain any real value.

It's late and I just got back from a trip to Arizona (saw Ten Inch Hero [which Jensen Ackles owned], an amazing abandoned gold mine with falling down buildings, an honest to god hanging tree-an ancient ironwood on which 18 men were hung for stealing gold-and atmosphere that reeked of ghost story, and the Superstition Mountains, whose stark beauty made me cry) so I may not be making much sense. But I really, really liked this and I hope you don't get tired of unwrapping these guys anytime soon.
4/17/2007 c1 6Maz101
I'm still smiling as I review - brilliant idea brilliantly executed. And Funny. And moving. And pretty unique which is quite something when we all know how much stuff there is out there. You lead the way. Truly great stuff.
4/17/2007 c1 16Poaetpainter
OMG! This was fucking brilliant! How much Research did you have to do for this? (favving)
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