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7/6/2007 c6 rachel
update soon please .

i wanna know what ray is going to sayy .
6/28/2007 c6 heatherlynn28
she can't let this tear them apart she has to realize he loves her and that they can get through anything together.heather
6/28/2007 c1 44coffee dazed
oh! go on, u have to update, cant leave it on a cliffie like that :p
6/27/2007 c6 siddika
This is so sad and I just can't wait for the next update.
6/27/2007 c6 8starrytearss
This is so sad...but good. Please update soon.
6/21/2007 c5 heatherlynn28
that is sad .neela needs to greive their baby with ray.they can get through it.heather
5/19/2007 c5 cmtaylor531
Aw its so sad! Poor Lil baby Ray! :(
5/11/2007 c5 4ipsilon
oh dear...really didn't see that coming. Poor Neela. Anyway this is good, update soon please :)
5/9/2007 c5 YOUPIN
That is heartbreaking but why wasn't Ray with her?He should have been there and I can't wait to see how they deal with this ordeal.
5/9/2007 c5 9Amythest Girl

That's so sad!

Please post the other bit soon.

Update Soon,

Amythest Girl
4/30/2007 c4 YOUPIN
Fantastic job and I am glad to see Neela showing a bit more enthusiasm about the baby.
4/20/2007 c3 YOUPIN
Amazing chapter but I hope they talk more about the baby and such,it seems like they aren't too excited but just going with the flow.Anyway update soon.
4/16/2007 c2 Amythest Girl
Cool Story!

Love the affection!

The Cookies!hmm, I want cookies...

Update Soon,

Amythest Girl.
4/16/2007 c2 9fphp
I love the line "Neela was no mistake," it really puts you into Ray's mindset and helps you see that no matter what may happen, they're going to be okay. Please continue!
4/16/2007 c2 YOUPIN
Fantastic start so far and bring on the fluff.I can't wait for more.
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