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1/17/2019 c12 NutmasterxD
Micha razon al final de esta linda historia muchas gracias :D (2019)me gusto todo
8/8/2012 c12 30GodlyJewel
I liked your modern twist on Jack and Sally's lives. It was funny to read their experiences with cell phones, and that last chapter... poor guy, but the unlimited texing plan is a good option. I wonder what Jack would do if Sally got hooked on Angry Birds?
11/28/2011 c12 11Katieghost
i agree with you, i don't know what people find so fascinating about cellphones. not that i hate them, but why do they need to get the latest model that has a billion apps most of which they're not going to use? it's a waste of money, honestly :/

and yes, this was a good time to finish this fic, in my opinion :) with all the newer technologies and stuff, Jack and Sally would probably never end discovering everything about them xD and not to be rude or anything, but i just don't imagine them facing the ups and downs of all our futuristic gadgets :D it would ruin the 'centuries old' image i have of them for some strange reason xD
11/28/2011 c12 Dphne
I love it i'm going to read it again
11/19/2011 c11 Dphne
Hahahahahaha this story is so funny. Can't wait till the next chapter but I think I have to wait :(
10/6/2011 c8 7MissNemisisFace
Awww. Poor Mayor. I'd marry you, dude! I'm a dominate woman! And I think you have a sweet ass!

Anyway, good story. Spot on. Top shelf.
7/15/2011 c10 26Theoretician
This is a really good story, it's very believable and funny
7/15/2011 c2 Theoretician
I like this :D it's cute and funny!
12/18/2010 c9 4EuphemiaXSuzaku4ever
This fic is so different, and I LOVES IT!
12/18/2010 c2 EuphemiaXSuzaku4ever
Okay, I have to pause my reading for a sec and review this chapter. The mayor and Jack sounded like high school girls talking about cellphones. LMAO! okay, reading on...
11/2/2009 c2 Uncle Theodore
congradulations you have too given halloween town the gift the gift of technology
10/6/2007 c7 1Munkustrapthecat
put in more sally i love sally
5/6/2007 c5 2Drifting Wolf
I don't think the mayor's OOC, it's just that he is REALLY annoying, even in the movie! Very intresting concept, it's awesome just like "Boys in the Band" and make sure to keep this going! I like how Sally's worried about Jack, as long as it's not like the 'Christmas incident'. XD I am your loyal reviewer of this forum! But you might want to watch out for this bastard named Flame Rising, When he flames, He totally curses the person and story out! Just think of him as a really annoying yapping Chijuaua at your feet and kick him aside! :D
4/16/2007 c3 6NightmareFairy
Interesting concept. I can't wait to read more. Well written. The Mayor seems a little out of charactor, but that's my only complaint. Nice work.

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