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for A Pirate's Life For Me

5/18/2007 c28 7mrspatrickdempsey
hm interesting. update soon!

7 days!
5/13/2007 c27 mrspatrickdempsey
haha don't join the Navy, lol please update soon!
5/7/2007 c26 mrspatrickdempsey
i hope Casey gets off the Flying Dutchman! update soon:)
5/6/2007 c25 mrspatrickdempsey
:O i wonder who that person was... update soon!
5/6/2007 c24 mrspatrickdempsey
lol Jack sure seem positive.. lol and im glad that Casey knose the story know! please update soon!
5/5/2007 c22 WillxElizabeth
Cool story :)
5/4/2007 c22 mrspatrickdempsey
oh my i wonder how he is going to tell it? hmm well please update sooN!
5/4/2007 c20 mrspatrickdempsey
aww poor Casey:( please update soon!
5/2/2007 c1 Red.Box
You've got a good fic going on here! I want to see more, much update soon, right? Lol. Good work so far!
5/1/2007 c17 ross ithil wen
Great chapters. I love that you update so often. Can't wait for the next chapter! =) :)
5/1/2007 c17 mrspatrickdempsey
“I want to know, I mean it’s not like you and Dad were pirates along with him, that wouldn’t work,”

pshh! ya right. lmao oh and the dad has wierd friends! lol your doing a good job!:)
5/1/2007 c16 mrspatrickdempsey
i would probably work too. it would be soo boring doing nothing all day and sit in a room all alone.. unless of course in that room there happened to be a TV and DVD player and potc DVD's... lol *big grin* lol update soon!:)
5/1/2007 c15 mrspatrickdempsey
oh nice plan. lol update soon!

im spazing out right now becasue of the new AWE footage! ahh! :p
4/30/2007 c15 ross ithil wen
Great chapters. I love it that you update so often!1
4/30/2007 c14 mrspatrickdempsey
becasue you dad was on the ship Cassey! ahh. lol i think they will be so shocked when they find out they are relatedO_O anyways, update soon!
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