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4/29/2007 c13 7mrspatrickdempsey
haha i was getting so confused with the 2 jacks. lol this is really good.
4/29/2007 c12 mrspatrickdempsey
does he know shes his granddaughter? hmm well update soon! :)
4/29/2007 c11 mrspatrickdempsey
SAVE HER JACK! haha yay for jack-ness! be a hero! save the daughter save the world! hahah! :| sorry bit hyper, heheh Heroes Tomorrow! yaya! ok ill shut it now:|
4/29/2007 c10 mrspatrickdempsey
dun dun dun! lol it bet its Jack. YAY FOR JACK-NESS! haha
4/28/2007 c9 mrspatrickdempsey
i think what you meant was daughter like mother.. because that last paragraph reminded me of lizzie and barbossa's first meeting. anyways.. please update soon!
4/27/2007 c7 mrspatrickdempsey
bad tom! see what happens when you leave the house! lol please update soon!
4/26/2007 c6 mrspatrickdempsey
who else has the initials WT? other then his father? ahh! please update soon!
4/23/2007 c4 4Saphalina
Okay so here i am reading your story, well anyways, it seems like a really good plot you've got going there, the only thing i would suggest is to put a little more detail in to the chapters because they are very short. Apart from that it's great. And the cliff hanger ending to chapter 4 was a great idea.

Saphalina x
4/20/2007 c2 7mrspatrickdempsey
i definatley like it so far and im a HUGE Sparrabeth fan so be proud that you actually got me to open the link.. lol im wondering, is Jack going to come into play anytime soon? also please break it into paragraphs so its easier to read. thanks.
4/19/2007 c2 saegeous-capernaum
I like it. Is constructive criticism all right? Break it up into paragraphs. All of it at once is a bit hard to swallow, so to speak. The wording and grammar are good (better than some I've seen, for sure!) and the storyline has great potential. Now get me interested and make the plot appear!

Cheers, and keep at it.
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