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for The Chronicles Of Zen Blade

3/31 c10 Hiro Gary-Stu
This story just keeps getting better and better. The plot twist hey crazier and crazier, please continue writing I can’t want to find out more!
5/25/2007 c8 8Jack Skellington's Mistress
4/22/2007 c7 Turtle
good job on writing. You just have some grammatical errors here and there, wrong form of words, and wrong versions of words used. (ex. "and" instead of "an")
4/22/2007 c7 Jack Skellington's Mistress

I actually found myself trying to do the hand-hook thingy, but i'm utterly hopeless and only proceeded in poking myself in the eye.

If you don't update soon, i shall track you down and...DO SOMETHING!

Or, i'll just leave lots of comments on your myspace...

4/22/2007 c6 Jack Skellington's Mistress

UNWISE? Doh! I suddenly feel like acting like an aeroplane!

Seriously, you just keep amazing me with your writing skillz!
4/22/2007 c5 Jack Skellington's Mistress
YAY! This story should be illegal, its too good.
4/20/2007 c3 kyat
hm interesting story so far... very unique compared to others... an assasin with a killer dragon sounds kind of funny though

i like the fact that even though killers are though of as ruthless people, Zen has his own personal love life... it gives the story a more softer edge (a very good one too!)...

Grey Stone is a very different name as well... it fits, but i find it weird since the dragon is a dragon now and not a stone :P

another than that, great story so far! i would read the rest but the moms is nagging me off the computer lol

keep up the good work!

kyat :]
4/18/2007 c4 Jack Skellington's Mistress
Yay! But whats Kira up to? :S
4/18/2007 c3 Jack Skellington's Mistress
OMG! This story ROCKS MY VARIOUS TOE SOCKS! And i love how the dragon's called Grey Stone! ^_^
4/18/2007 c2 Jack Skellington's Mistress
4/18/2007 c1 Jack Skellington's Mistress
Wow! That's amazing! Keep going, please!

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