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7/4/2009 c8 1The End of the Old Beginnings
Please, please update this stroy! I love it! I can't live without it! Jk probably could but who really cares, it sounds really dramatic! lol
6/24/2009 c8 Drarry not Haco
Hey, I am realy liking the story but could therebe some updates please. its been a while.
6/23/2009 c8 2darkmoonfairy16
omg poor Harry this is worse than last time.
6/20/2009 c8 3Steve-Arkarian
Story is great so far. Good job with continuing it. Please fix peoples memories...and please please please give Harry his Draco back.
6/14/2009 c8 2jadesecrets
OMG! So good, I just know some how Vernon is going to get what's coming to him, but it doesn't sound to good. I almost cried when Harry got raped in the previous chapter, but I didn't becuase I knew some how Vernon's going to pay. Also, Dumarcus is going to pay, but how. [sits down and thinks about until the next chapter comes]...Other than that great, I love the writing.
6/10/2009 c8 28TeaSpices
Are you going to update again soon? If you don't, I may just be tempted to jump out of your computer while you're asleep...
6/10/2009 c4 TeaSpices
5/31/2009 c2 3Mistress of Darkness32
I love your story plot so far, but was wondering are you planning to continue this story. I mean it would be a real shame if you didn't what with how good it is. Hope to see an up date soon.
5/21/2009 c8 2TangledPencils
I'm very glad you decided to continue this story, even with another author. Excellent job so far, I really hope you continue on, please update soon.
5/18/2009 c8 3Anytha5
This is very good. I hope you update very very soon
5/10/2009 c8 redrraine
Remus, Narcissa and Blaise remember! Yay! I hate Vernon Dursley-can we kill him? or maybe just torture him? please? Kaila sounds so sweet, hope you include more of her in future chapters. How are people slowly remembering? Has it got something to do with Harry's magic? I can't wait for your next update and hope Draco remembers soon.
4/30/2009 c8 99997777733
This is a really good story, as was the first one, Keep up the wonderful work and I look forward to reading the next chapter. ^^

4/21/2009 c8 5violetkitty02
I like this story and can hardly wait for you to update!
4/18/2009 c8 tee
Please continue, it's a great story!
4/12/2009 c8 9Vamprisslizy
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