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5/12/2018 c8 Blackjack Emrys
Please update! You can't leave it here!
5/10/2018 c8 Alec Goodman
3/9/2018 c8 Guest
Hi. More plz. Bye.
3/8/2018 c8 shadowpen55
Why is this abandoned? I hate it when authors say half a story is complete and then abandon the other half! What a waste of time
1/30/2018 c1 1evergreen-icy
Please, you can't just leave poor Harry like this…
1/24/2018 c3 Guest
I don't get it. You ended the last story with someone yelling why they were sitting at Gryffindor table, but most of all, this story is jumping all around the place and I honestly don't know when's when at all. I think you should make sure that it makes sure next time.
1/1/2018 c8 Guest
11/21/2017 c8 LocoBriar
I hope someone finishes this story...
8/25/2017 c8 Qtsarahanne
I hope this continues.
8/21/2017 c8 Malee
Has this been abandoned?
8/21/2017 c2 Malee
7/26/2017 c8 UniversalImagination
I am sitting here on this day July 26, 2017 at 11:41 PM and attempting not to cry my eyes out. Not only because of what our poor baby harry is going through but also because *takes a shaky breath* I have ran out of chapters and didn't realize that this wasn't completed like it's previous book. *internal screeching*

This has been a lovely and heartbreaking story so far though, good job
7/16/2017 c8 SlytherinGirl1996
Its good. Any more?
7/10/2017 c8 unicorn556
Please please please update very soon it has been such a long time since the last update and it would be really sad if this story would not be completed T_T
5/29/2017 c8 Lornic
No my baby Harry! I want to get that pig of an uncle and dismember him. Make him eat it, telling him it is sausage. Then proceed to tell him what it really is. Break his fingers and toes slowly then cut them off and cauterize the wounds. Tie him up and put a blind fold on, hang him up. Put a cage filled with starving rats around his feet. Get a fire ready under him to cause the rats to panic more and make them eat their way out. Then burn the body into ash and present it to ittle wittle innocent Harry. I need help I swear.
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