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8/7/2014 c8 Kat
hey lol its me again i would very much like someone to do SOMETHING GOOD to harry and freaking kill vernon cause snape should hav done something very harmful and why did u have to do that memory thing! i liked how the story was going... harry was going to get a well deserved happy ending after throwing vernon damarkus and lucius into jail/azkaban... now there this mess! i really hope you continue this or a least throw together some sort of happy ending!
8/6/2014 c4 Kat
hey there! :) im readin this fic and just wanted to say if u end this without anythin short of a happy ending i think i might just cry :P anyway... lol i really do like your fic it really pulled me in
6/18/2014 c8 axel865
5/23/2014 c8 Guest
OMG, I love the first story of this you wrote and i'm sure this is going to be GREAT as well. PLEASE CONTIUe and I love the pairing of Harry and Draco! And Ron and Blaise :] UPDATE
5/11/2014 c8 The anonymous judger
Pleaseeeeee update!
4/14/2014 c8 Alyssa beca
I know that your probably not going to but can u PRETTY PLEASE update this fanfic!
4/9/2014 c8 7Novembertopaz
I thought you said it had to be finished if taken up? It's been several years... ?
4/5/2014 c8 Guest
2/20/2014 c8 FanFic-Fanatic1999
I really adore this fanfic. Is it continued somewhere else? Is there a link that I could have? I really do adore this. I'd love a happy ending.
2/9/2014 c8 Guest
Please update I love your story pleaaase! - your fan xxx
2/2/2014 c8 APrettyRecklessAngel
I am really, really enjoyed this story and I hope that it will, some day, be finished although, considering the last time it was updated, I doubt it. It's a real shame. This was very good :)
1/19/2014 c8 1lilyflower50
please update this again soon
12/12/2013 c8 The begger
Im literally begging: UPDATE! With how many people are requesting it, surely you can see how much we all want you to continue this story? I'm hoping that you are still on fanfiction, since this hasn't updated in FOUR YEARS, but at least get someone to write it for you if you won't. My username is Rose Teardrops, so please let me know if and why you know for certain you'll not be updating ever again.

RT xx
11/27/2013 c8 noooooo
i love this story.. but itlookslike its been abandoned !:(
11/19/2013 c8 Guest
And then? People who don't finish their stories and then leave without even an explanation are my pet peeve. Now finish the story.
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