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10/16 c7 Black Uchiha Shisui
Damn you gotta update this please m. I be checking this story every week
10/16 c6 Moral Conundrum
I'm confused. Why are you having the Brotherhood be so NICE to Dumbledore and the others? They canonically care NOTHING for the lives of 'flatscans'. These are invaders who came to kidnap and brainwash their friend. The Brotherhood would have just killed them already and destroyed the bodies. With Dumbledore being there illegally, nobody would be able to do anything about it.

I really hope you don't follow the thousands of other writers with the stupid 'but thou must' plotline by forcing Damien to go to Hogwarts. If you're just going to repeat canon with the Tri-Wizard tournament, I strongly suggest you come up with something else. It's just overly done to death, and wholly unimaginative.
8/11 c7 Guest
Please update
8/6 c7 Bronze
Just a minor point of interest here. Lockheed is actually an INTELLIGENT space alien. He especially enjoyed flaming then eating the Brood's eggs. In one comic, he indulged to the point he was walking slowly, not flying as usual. I got the impression from the frames he was kinda sorta waddling as he came into that frame. So far I'm really enjoying this. I really only wish Good Ole Fumblemort would either drop dead or return to Hogwash and never be able to return to America to bother nor kidnap Damien ever again. Force the old fraud to fight a war he allowed to start in the first place. He was given the Diary by Ron in second year and knew what it was. However he only destroyed that one and went right back to sitting on his bony old ass. So now that he's found " Harry Potter " he wants him to come fight the war in his stead.
8/6 c6 Bronze
As I've come to expect from Good Ole Fumblemort's Disorder of the Flaming Pigeon. They willingly ignore anything and everything that doesn't meet their expectations. Or is that preconceived notions? They are as Damien said, totally ignorant by their own will. Or to put it another way, too thick skulled to learn anything new about the world outside their hiding places. If they want it they'll take it. If not, then it's not important. As too Snape. Well, the man never truly grew up and Good Ole Fumblemort allows his attitude to continue even as a teacher.
8/5 c4 Bronze
Good Lord! Don't you dare ask me about Illolyana! I most likely HAVE those comics still new in storage! I don't remember too much as it's so long ago for me. But this isn't the first one with her and Harry in it. I think the one I know some of was by Megamatt09 on ao3. Basically, Lily used Dark Magic to protect Harry and years later he's tricked into Balasco's realm. It's kind of a two or three way crossover I think. It also has Kara and General Zod's daughter in there as well. So that makes it a Marvel/DC/HP crossover. I've gotta go finish reading it sometime. Anyhoo, I really hope Damien roasts Good Ole Fumblemort. Not kill him outright but make it clear to the old fraud to leave him the hell alone. He wants Damien to fight a battle he won't. Maybe if he got off his ass and got much, much more up to date intelligence from his supposed spy in Ole Vulturewurst's camp, his Disorder of the Flaming Pigeon could actually stop the Death Eater raids. But as my late brother use to say " Excuses are like assholes, everybody's got one. " Meaning, Good Ole Fumblemort will say anything, do anything just so he doesn't have to put those rabid killers down for good. Unless Damien shows Good Ole Fumblemort he's not going back to fight the old frauds battles Good Ole Fumblemort will keep right on attempting to kidnap him. To Fumblemort's way of thinking Damien MUST return to save a world that got itself into this trouble by allowing the so called Purebloods to getaway with murder during the first war. They allowed the Purebloods to claim " I was Imperioused! ", pay a bribe and walk away. And Good Ole Fumblemort was right there letting them do it. He WAS the Chief Warlock at the time.
8/5 c3 Bronze
Good Ole Fumblemort thinks he's always right regardless of what the facts say. If he doesn't know something he simply pretends he does. I truly hope Harry hands him and the others their collective asses. The old fraud doesn't know shit from shinola on his best day! He simply won't fight Vulturewurst because he believes in a Prophecy that's so phony if you drop it, get the hell out the rebound zone or it'll beat you damn near to death bouncing around! If you take the time to READ the damn thing and I mean read it!, you'll realize it's a collection of words that say nothing! There's no timeline mentioned as in year, decade, millennium, nor any other measure of time. There's no name for the dark lord mentioned. Dark Lord is a title not a name. The only reason the Prophecy WOULD apply to Harry is that Good Ole Fumblemort heard it and decided to make it apply to either Harry or Neville by ALLOWING Snape to escape to tell the Dark Lord it and thus setting it in motion. Had the old fraud not allowed a spy to escape, and in a time of war to do so would be considered treason, neither child would've likely lost their parents.
8/5 c2 Bronze
Just as I predicted! Good Ole Fumblemort only listens to his own ideas and advice. He doesn't even know what school Harry graduated from but believes it couldn't 've truly trained him in magic. Hubris at it greatest! Depending on Harry's mutation how likely whoever goes to retrieve him is gonna get hurt. Not to mention how badly when they try to force him to return with them. In reality, all Good Ole Fumblemort wants is for someone else to fight Vulturewurst in his place. Now if there are Horcruxes involved then please explain to me why the old fraud sat on his bony old as and did nothing to find and destroy them? I ask because it is exceptionally common in FF for him to do exactly that. I'm of the opinion that he's truly a Dark Lord masquerading as the Leader of the Light. He never act unless it's to save some Death Eater so he can redeem them. I wonder how many innocent people they must kill before he gets it through that thick skull that they can't be redeemed? They enjoy murdering and torturing anyone but their own families. That leaves the only option as killing every last one of them.
8/5 c1 Bronze
I like the idea of Harry being related to Raven. I also like Lily being her daughter. Of course know that Good Ole Fumblemort won't approve of Harry not being raised by the Dursleys. If the old fraud truly cared about Harry having a good childhood he'd've never left Harry there in the first place. He was warned by McGonagall that they were not a good family to raise Harry in canon. However, Good Ole Fumblemort paid as much attention to that as most people pay to the air they breath. So Harry'll be raised in a loving home well away from anything Dursley as well as anything Fumblemort. Though, just as soon as he realizes that Harry's not there he'll start a search likely using his Disorder of the Flaming Pigeon. He'll not want to involve the ministry as that would raise questions he doesn't want asked nor to answer. Anyhoo, overall, I like it so far. Hope it continues beyond the seventh chapter.
7/14 c7 Black Uchiha Shisui
This story is so good I really hope you update this story. And don’t Let Damien go to hogwarts
7/8 c4 NGBW
I do not know a lot about X men, so I am fine with what you decide. I am loving Damien’s character. Please make Mystic younger than Dumbles.
7/8 c3 NGBW
Albus plans on kidnapping Harry if he doesn’t agree to come? Bad Dumbledore.
6/2 c6 3Zandaino-Nova-Ari
I’ll be honest with you, I half expected when Damien said he wasn’t ‘Harry Potter’ that his magic would be stripped from him because Family Magicks and the like. It would’ve made for a more interesting story in my opinion
6/1 c7 Guest
So there is no story nice
6/1 c6 Guest
Crap chapter and please stop using italics every single sentence it’s shit writing
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