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11/26/2018 c1 Kia Landermoore
So let me get this straight because Harry did what the People of the Wizarding World couldn't or wouldn't do they betray him by putting him in jail, man they or just like everyone else.
10/10/2015 c4 rhizz17
update please
1/17/2013 c4 Licorne8
Hello, I just found and read your fic,

This is a great story, I hope you have not abondonnée and

tarderiez you do not post the result and if possible finish.

PS: I hope to hear the end of it as it is well written and so far it is very promising.
8/8/2012 c4 ToddGilliss
Hope to see this story continued
3/18/2011 c3 little-bast
Hope Harry gets some major revenge...

Looking forward to reading what you have planned as payback...

Maybe they can all sell off their business interests empty their houses and lock them down, move their vaults and leave England therefore destorying the British wizarding economy and reveal their memories to the international wizarding world making the British Wizards the laughing stock of the wizarding world. After all who throws the hero/saviour in prison after he saves them all?

Can't wait to read what you have planned...

Hoping for an update soon...
1/9/2011 c4 little-bast
I sooooooo Loved this fic...

I'm so waiting for Dumbledore/the Ministry/Hermione and the Weasleys (who were involved)to be brought to their knees.

Humiliation, sued, everyone to turn on them, locally and internationally would be good.

Completely destroy their credibility.( FEELING BLOOD THIRSTY)

YES YES YES, Sirius is back and some one else is returning too. Harry gets his created/chosen family.

So happy that the goblins are Harry's friends and that they helped him secure his money/ vaults.

Can't wait to see what the Powers that be have planned for Dumbledore.


Hoping to read more soon...
8/24/2010 c4 slyhuff
this seems to be going at a good pace and well written so far, keep it up
11/12/2009 c4 4cyiusblack
update soon
11/3/2009 c4 11CatWriter
Millicent Bulstrode? are you on drugs, every book and story I've read had her as a female Crabbe or Goyle. Ew, that's gross. What next Dumbledore and Hermione? Actually that's been done, it was a good story with Evil Dumbles and Evil Hermione, but still... ew. In the end, Dumbles died and Hermione was left alone to raise their love child with her and the baby's magic removed. Served them both right, they were evil after all.

Good story, but BULSTRODE! EW.

11/3/2009 c3 CatWriter
Any chance of Fleur D. Being Harry's fiancee? I'm on a Fleur kick right now. Also I must request long chapter 2,0 minimum. These are far to too short to really reveal your story in.

11/3/2009 c2 CatWriter
Hey how about Harry having two fiancees one male sub DRACO and one female your choice. Harry is the Dom in the relationship OF COURSE.. Think on it.

11/3/2009 c4 45EvilDime
Sorry to hear about your loss.

...So it's Millicent, is it? Interesting choice. I think I haven't read her as Harry's partner before. Please explain how they got together! :)

Umh. So Harry's more powerful than Dumbledore and bound to be even stronger; probably a bird animagus and a water elemental; has mastered Occlumency, isn't suffering in Azkaban, has all the cool people on his side and, oh, some more coming back from the Dead to help him.

Don't you think you're overdoing it a little? If you make Harry this strong, no one can oppose him without looking totally ridiculous, so the story will be less exciting as a result. Superheroes need a weakness.

Please don't let my criticism deter you from writing more, though - now that you're finally back. ;D

- Dime
11/3/2009 c4 13Olaf74
*removes his Jaw from the floor*


You are full of surprises! In the positive turn i mean.

Please continue the story very very soon.
11/3/2009 c4 rosiegirl
Sorry for your losses.
11/3/2009 c3 dverducci

I liked what I read so far. Is it likley to have more
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