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5/11/2007 c1 1FangedMoonEyes
thank you oh so much, for not making her boobs big because of the change. omg, i could hug you.!

a lot of people change her apperence dracticly , but i rly dont think anybody has too. so thank you.

i love your plot. i cant wait to read more and see what happens. i like the job u've given her, i cant wait to see how her and the cullens get along.

5/11/2007 c8 r0b0tic vampir
great chapter, update soon.
5/11/2007 c8 BrownEyedGurl
Yay! I know you said it was a filler chapter, but it is a great chapter none the less. Cant wait for the rest!
5/10/2007 c7 2pheobesapphira
ohh! this iss WONDERFUL! update soon! and yess, i read the first chapter of Eclipse. Meyers has it up on her websitee.. I CANT WAIT TILL IT COMES OUT! oor for the the neww book!
5/9/2007 c7 1excitingem555
oh. that was awesome. He still loves her! true love conquers all, yes? You had a couple spelling errors though. i don't think that "someone" knows how to spell secret! You added an e on the end. also, you have a couple new and knew and now and know's mixed up. please right more fast! and sadly no i havnt been able to read the eclipse chapter because she hasnt posted it yet and i dont have time to go to a book store! bummer.
5/9/2007 c7 1smileon
My goodness, this chapter was amazing! Seriously one of my favorites. I was a little worried when her senses started to take control of her, but then she was in check. And Edward was all adorable with tracing her neck (something about that is just so intimate, sweet, and sexy, it just makes me melt, haha) and being insightful about the Volturi. And now she's going to meet the family. This is great. Can't wait to see what happens next! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
5/9/2007 c7 1Kairiyin
so why does she need carlisle? how did the vultri hurt her plz explain plz
5/8/2007 c7 10TablesTurned
OMG I loved it! It was good. I love your writting. I cant wait for the next chapter! I'm so excited. Anyways hurry and update. Like ASAP!
5/8/2007 c7 Catisrad
First Chapter of Eclipse:

It's wickid awsome! I think that Edwards FINNALY warming up to changing Bella. And Jacob is being an arse-hole!
5/8/2007 c7 6SkyCullen
loved it...please keep writing!
5/8/2007 c7 r0b0tic vampir
Update soon, this chapter was cute.
5/8/2007 c7 2oceaneyes85253
AH! its so good!
5/8/2007 c7 50Titled Heart
It's getting cute!

5/8/2007 c7 4Annie and Bella
this is amazing i can't wait for the next chappie! You have taken it and made it your own insted of the same old story over and over!
5/8/2007 c7 1blissfulmemories
that was so good! finally edward found out that bella was a vampire! i cant wait for the next chapter!
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