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4/30/2007 c5 5brwneyedgrl
Well here is a review for you. Once again i loved it. I cant wait until Edward finds out that she is a vampire, i am really excited to see how he will react.
4/30/2007 c5 10TablesTurned
This was such a good chapter! I loved it! How cute that Bella is falling for Edward. I hope you update soon! Like ASAP! I'm not sure how long I could wait. Haha.

4/30/2007 c5 angielikescupcakes
I didn't see that one coming. Will she really betray the Volturi and is she really falling in love with Edward? You should add more quick and have longer chapters or add chapters faster so we don't have to wait! =)
4/30/2007 c5 1TwilightExtremist
I loved it. I also added your story to my C2. I'm interested in when the Cullen's find out that Bella is a vampire.
4/30/2007 c5 5Simply Emma
o i love the last lines! cant wait for the next chapter update soon please
4/30/2007 c5 krazykim
ooh i can't wait to read when she reveals that shes a vampire to them, they'll be so surpirsed, she should like get to know all of them then be like oh by the way i'm a vampire! I hope carisle comes into the story soon hes awsome!
4/30/2007 c5 6SkyCullen
liked it...^_^
4/30/2007 c5 1smileon
The scene with them in the car was undeniably adorable. I love how she's so determined at the end. I can totally see her ditching the Volturi to be with the Cullens (aka Edward). Definitely post more when you can :)
4/30/2007 c5 schmexybella
aaww bella finally cares for someone and understands edward, they make a good, duh!
4/30/2007 c5 1excitingem555
this is totally awesome! secret spy stuff like. sort of.i love it! please write the next chapter as fast as you can!
4/30/2007 c5 2XxBulletxXProofXxLonlinessxX
I rly like this story its a plot I haven't read yet :) It's a great story
4/30/2007 c5 1w.wayweary
this story is awesome, i realy like it. please update soon!
4/30/2007 c5 akeldema
This chapter was the really good. Ah. I can't wait to read the next chapter. I look forward to read this story whenever I get on. :]
4/30/2007 c5 6Pesky kitten
Love it! Update son!
4/29/2007 c4 10TablesTurned
I love love love it! Haha. Its really good. I cant wait to read more. So you better hurry and update! Like ASAP!

p.s. HURRY!
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