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4/25/2007 c3 6SkyCullen
"If there was one thing I had already learned, it was to not get to close with someone not in the Volturi, because when you did, someone always got hurt." ...what do you mean...she can't get close to someone in the Volturi family...or anyone who is not a Volturi...?...but great chapter...keep writing..^_^
4/25/2007 c3 r0b0tic vampir
Please update soon, its starting to get very interesting.
4/25/2007 c3 1artificialXxXlove
okay, just a few things-its good, but i think you are getting a bit confused...the book says that vampires dont have to breath, considering they are, in a sense, DEAD, no matter how human bella is, she cant have blood...becouse that means that all she is is a pretty human who knows about vampires
4/25/2007 c2 artificialXxXlove
good...i like your twist on in so far...just one thing you might want to wor on- even though you said she was the most human, she still cant blush...that requires having blood
4/25/2007 c3 3xX.ay.bay.bay
good so far! i love it! update soon!
4/25/2007 c2 2Chrissienuil
okey i now that bella lookes human and all but why dous she have blood in her system?
4/24/2007 c2 10TablesTurned
I love it. Its going to be an interesting story I can tell. Oh well I still cant wait until you update. Hopefully you can update about..hmm lets see..I hope everyday but I know thats a bit drastic. How about like every other day huh? Haha. Anways update like ASAP!

4/24/2007 c2 2Larkamarie
OH COME ON! Whats gonna happen next?
4/24/2007 c2 5Simply Emma
love the story! update son pleasee! :D
4/24/2007 c2 EmeraldSeaFrost
update soon please...
4/24/2007 c1 EmeraldSeaFrost
Great story update soon...
4/24/2007 c2 6SkyCullen
loved it...PLEASE...update soon
4/24/2007 c1 dcullen
why am i compeletely in love with you...oh yeah. DUH! because you update everday...or so it seems!
4/24/2007 c2 8707
oh i love this and how you seem to update so fast..your on my computers favorites and i only have like five sites on, i absolutely love it~!
4/24/2007 c2 KaReN BeNiTeZ
I don't like it!...I LOVE IT:)Is Edward gonna fall in love with Bella?An d could you try to update a Chapter everyday, some other people do it like every month and I just stop reading them!Karen:)
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