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5/28/2008 c13 7craznekoperson13
i really like your story, but what happened to make you quit writing? a lot of people would apperciate it if you would finish this story the way it deserves to be finished. please, if you can't i'm sure other authors would take this story to finish, but by not finishing, you make people somewhat upset
5/25/2008 c13 2EntrustingLove

if you need any beta-ing to be done let me know, i would be happy to help.

interesting plot, and i am very excited to see where it leads!

4/30/2008 c13 1MoonlightShadowOfADarkDream
What do you mean by "I will update soon"? By the next year? That story is great, but come on... You cannot let us like that! The story is almost finished! It's time for you to stop the hiatus! If you want, reply and I will help ou find inspiration if it's just a writer block... Please... please... update... For me...
3/21/2008 c13 5cherrysakurawolf
please update!
3/20/2008 c13 Insane Dream

Well...thats all for now...
1/2/2008 c13 5whenindoubtread
J'adore it! LOVE SOCCER! I totaly hope it gets u a scholarship! Update ay-sap!
12/31/2007 c11 whenindoubtread
um, i don't really know what to say. I liked it more in the begin. I don't know really but sometihings lost now.
12/31/2007 c9 whenindoubtread
no offense or nothin but yeah t & nm r filed w/ romance so mayb a little more o' da oder stuff?
12/31/2007 c8 whenindoubtread
good good j'adore
12/31/2007 c7 whenindoubtread
12/31/2007 c6 whenindoubtread
yeah, a few gramatical errors but otherwise an engaging plot with cliff-hanger chapters! agsin i j'adore.
12/30/2007 c5 whenindoubtread
know u prob don't cheack revis but i am anyway! J'ADORE IT!
12/30/2007 c4 whenindoubtread
um, critical: she wasn't intoxicated by him b4. So how was she now? And she just went with him? Edward's more cautios than that. Good: I J'ADORE IT!
12/30/2007 c3 whenindoubtread
J'adore the story, I'm so glad there are 13 chappies!
12/30/2007 c2 whenindoubtread
ehmagawd u r ahmazezing! added u 2 my everything lists!
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