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12/30/2007 c13 10Smiles4Twilight
Yay! Bella is FINALLY going to stand up to the Volturi! Go Bella Go! The same goes for you! Go Go Go! Get that chapter up! Yay! Ok... I'm going to stop now because I sound like a cheer leader...
11/2/2007 c13 1Bribbie
Did you know that you last updated in august? It's now november. You see, I can't complain about how long you're taking because well i just found this story. But let me tell you, I am annoyingly persistant. And i will demand an update soon. You really can't leave it like that, it's cruel and unusal punishment, and well my dear, that is illeagal, so HA you ae bound by the law to update! lol

So yeah this story is amazingly amazing! OMC (Oh my carlisle) it is really good, and I totally love it! YAY for Lethal! So yeah. I don't know what to say, i can't think of any critism right now. From my description of Bella, my friend who hasn't yet started to read twilight yet, but is going to, kind of said that Bella would be like this Bella. She said "I bet shes the 'chosen one'" and i laughed but seeing it like this maybe she is. Not exactly the way you have her, some of that is overkill or just plain pointless, but for the most part yeah... well we shall see we shall see... We have a year until breaking dawn so... *sigh* i don't want to wait that long, Fanfiction has to sustain me till then lol!


Much Love Bribbie

10/26/2007 c13 1FangedMoonEyes
hey, long time no read, lol.

I really hope you get another free second cuz i really want to know how this all plays out. EK! I know i might sound like i broken record but u r awesome! ur story is awesome! please please keep writing!


LOVE it!
8/28/2007 c13 1Edward4ever1992
five days came and went but you still didn't update! PLEASE UPDATE ASAP!
8/25/2007 c1 GrangerBlack
wow sweet opening! gripping, really! i'm guessing... spoilers for New Moon and Eclipse?
8/24/2007 c7 kumikonhan
i have the book eclipse.its awsome.he gives bella a wedding ring that his father gave his mother.u should read it!
8/23/2007 c13 29Vividus
Hurry up! I mean when you have the time, of course.
8/16/2007 c13 2DarkAngel512
Congrats on soccer! Thank you for finally updating! Hurry and update! Love the new chappie!
8/15/2007 c13 Abby
I like it, no to tell you the truth I love it. I can't wait to know what happens next, please update as soon as you can.
8/15/2007 c13 1Transfiguration
yay for this chapter! Yay for the next where bella should escape from the cullens and face the volturi...i think the next one should be long so you can go ahead and have bella fight them...we deserve it! BTW-congrats on the advice as college freshman playing volleyball is to find what you want in the school and then pursue the soccer...don't accept the first offer and only play if you love it!
8/14/2007 c13 marie
Update soon! I like this story A LOT! UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! :D
8/14/2007 c13 Alex-Marie-1992
Ah the suspense! :D Update soon please!
8/14/2007 c13 2wretched witch
You really haven't updated in forever!

Promise to update soon!

Yours, gabby
8/13/2007 c1 Reader4ever
Wow! what a great start :)

i love Bella's power and her job among the volturi. why would it be a good thing to sleep? She doesn't have to sleep right?

can't wait to see bella meet the cullens *runs off and reads chapter 2 :)*
8/2/2007 c12 melissa
oh my freakin god why isnt this story updated? could you hurry up i like this story. i need to see how the cullens react after bellas phone call with jane. what the hell happened to charlie he dissapeared in the middle of the story. did he decide to keep bella as an adopted daughter? hurry the fudge up!
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