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7/24/2007 c12 Aleakim
I like the story. It's really good and different read a story when Bella is the dangerous one. Keep it coming! Now I'm going to see how are that suggestions of yours. Wish me luck.
7/18/2007 c12 Alex-Marie-1992
Hi. This is really good. I love it! Pleases update as soon as possible!
7/5/2007 c12 2DarkAngel512
I loved the new chapter! Hurry and update! Update before u go to Hungary!
7/2/2007 c12 4Annie and Bella
awsome story
7/2/2007 c12 1FangedMoonEyes

GO Bella!

hehe. i loved the whole chapter.

Bella and Edward are so great together! Please Write more and soon. I love it! JUst love it. I was just wondering, What game were they playing?

please write another chapter and get back to me.

Thank You.! ; )

7/1/2007 c12 1excitingem555
hehehe! im going to Germany on July 10. i guess well all be away and ppl will form an angry mob and attack us for not updating! hm, i wonder if they need to borrow m pitchforks... lol yes i am the greatest reviewer eva! i dont even remember wat my advice was. i give alot of advice... i did like that chapter tho! ill have to peel at those stories that u mentioned but i havnt updated my own story in nearly a week and i cant get mobbed until after i get back from Germany! a well. i await the next chapter!
6/30/2007 c12 Wingless Feather
E! I love it!
6/30/2007 c12 7MusicDefinesUsAll
THANK YOU SO MUCH! YU ARE NICER THAN MOST PEOPLE THAT I KNOW! Sereiously, I'm not kidding! Most that know me don' think twice about this kind of thing!

This was an awesome chapter! I loved it! It was my favorite!

But I'm mad because you'll be in Hungary and I'll be camping on the 5th! Dang it! But I finished the next chapter of Timeles War! I just have to type it! I better go do that now...
6/29/2007 c12 Transfiguration
well now, that was an awesome ending! Im so intrigued...I love Bella's hard to get/ cocky side with Jane! I can't wait for the plot...btw..wait to see what happens? does Edward have a secret?
6/29/2007 c12 LionHeart298
I really like that, and please put another chapter in before you leave! Please, i beg of you!
6/29/2007 c12 Danielle
I loved every word of it!
6/29/2007 c12 4shattered-picture-frame
really good chapter. well-written and sweet. well except for the very end, but we can worry about that later...

UPDATE soon!e
6/29/2007 c12 2wretched witch
LOL! Jane's a bitch! felix deserved what he got.

Plz, update soon!

Yours, gabby
6/28/2007 c4 Uncertian Destiny
pretty cool, question: will bella stay true to teh volturi or fall for edward? good story
6/28/2007 c6 colorsallaround
What is her mission?

your writing is amazing seriously this story is the best!
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