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6/19/2007 c11 1MacBeatBeat
ba da bu bu ba i'm lovin son!
6/19/2007 c11 6Tigerlillium
Great chap. the emotions. the expliantions. the 'i'm sorries'. Update Soon!
6/19/2007 c11 Wingless Feather
This is really good! I love it! Keep writing! I cant wait for the next chapter!
6/19/2007 c11 2Ginormous Funtastic Everything
Please write more soon! It is wonderful! I'm glad that Bella and Edward finally kissed! You made it so sweet too!

P.S. Check your spelling! Secret not Secrete.
6/19/2007 c11 7MusicDefinesUsAll
That was beautiful. This story is...wonderful. It really takes this possibility into a good perspective.

Could you read my story Timeless War and help me with that? Please?
6/19/2007 c11 2oceaneyes85253
it's so good! please continue
6/19/2007 c11 4shattered-picture-frame
im so glad you finally updated

that chapter was worth the wait ;p

hope you don't have any more writer blocks!
6/11/2007 c10 6SkyCullen
liked the chapter...ending was better then the beginning...for the next chapter...think about spicing it up a little...but over all pretty good...I'm so sorry about not reviewing fast life was very crazy and had more test then I ever had before...well hope you update soon...
5/28/2007 c10 4lildevil76
OMFG NO EDWARD AND BELLA NEEDA STAY 2GETHER *hopes and prays they will in the end*
5/26/2007 c10 2DarkAngel512
OH MY GOD! I love the story! Hurry and update! I want to know what happens with Bella and Edward and the Volturi. Is Bella gonna go back with the Volturi? UPDATE!
5/26/2007 c10 1blackirises
wow! that chapter was really good. that was one of the best bella carlisile conversations ive ever read. good job!

dun, dun, DUN! lol! felix... well, she obviously can't end up with him, and i really don't think anyone would be all that sad if she killed him, so...yeah. i want her to fight the volturi, and be all, "i will kick your ass! don't mess with my family. you suck, etc" lol!

UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE! i just read the entire story, and now there's no more, and im a very impatient person! plz update soon! so i can keep my sanity...pretty please...with sugar on top...and a cherry...and sprinkles...and whipped cream...and nuts...and(lol. i think you get the point. yes, i can go on like this for an absurd amount of time, but i don't think annoying you would be the right way to get to to update.)

i LOVE your, im addicted to it. (tehehe! its my brand of heroin! lol!) ill seriously be obsessively checking my e-mail until you update, so...yeah.

5/26/2007 c9 blackirises
AW! bella and edward are so CUTE! lol! she still needs to just let him kiss her, though. as far as your romance/ mystery question, DEFINATELY romance! lol! i can smell the conflict coming. i bet the volturi's gonna show up any time now.

yay! they're totally going to spend eternity together! tehehe!

5/26/2007 c8 blackirises
im glad you put the rest of the cullens in that chapter...gotta love the cullens. i think you got all of them right too. except im not so sure about jasper. no one really KNOWS much about him, so everyone portrays him differently, but i really like your way...hes really friendly. of course, since bella's not really human, he can hug her w/o worrying about losing control and killing her.

still waiting for the BxE moment! lol! have i told you yet how much i LOVE your story? keep it coming plz.

5/26/2007 c7 blackirises
I don't understand why her senses were going all crazy at the beginning of the chapter? just cause aro told her he wanted her to get carlisile for him? or some other reason? ikd.

anyways, this chapter was really usual. i like your story a lot, and i still think you do a good job with the charictors and dialogue. i love dialogue. it sucks when ppl just sum up what was said, cause it takes away from the overall mood.

ga! still want the edward bella moment! waiting...not so patiently! lol!

5/26/2007 c6 blackirises
again, you have really strong dialogue, and i also think you did a really good job with the charictors. it still feels like edward. bella's different, but i know you did that intention ally. everyone else is just like they should be, which is really refreshing. too many ppl just make the charictors do whatever is convenient for their story, when it doesn't really fit. your story is really interesting, but the charictors still stay themselves.

ah! i want a BxE moment! like a real one! where they kiss! pu-pu-please! lol!

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